Oh happy day lets go fringe all the way and experience the fringing style

The Native American tribes of the plains have created since long garments with the fringes, initially these fringes were meant to repel rainwater from the wearer. Fringes were used to add a bit of length to the daring styles. American Fringe was an outgrowth of the hippie movement of the late 1960’s

Wearing Fringe became a way of showing sympathy for the Native American Cause. It was inspired by the Flappers of the 1920s and revisited by the glam rockers of the 1980s.
Fringe is one of the biggest ongoing trend on all the runaways. Fringe is everywhere right now on accessories like bags, shoes, jackets, jewelry, shirt, etc.
If you are new to the fringe style you can start by going for some accessories with  fringe  on them this will add a touch of extra pop to your  look. Take  the fringe style for a spin by wearing a fringe dress and watch it steal the occasion. A fringe dress is ideal for evening wear but is also a great party dress or anytime dancing is involve. Fringe dress screams edgy and fun when out on the dance floor.

Style this fabulous outfit with killer heels.
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Wardrobe: Rita Roland




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