Floral print are a classic pattern in the history and world of fashion?

It is one of those print that will never go out of fashion, regardless the year or season.

Choosing a print

With so many type of prints to chose from it is important to chose a pattern that works with your style and personality.

Floral design can range from danty, big and bold. Each carrying its own personality and character. If you go for simple and sophisticated look for prints that are small. A finer print is a way to bring in a feminine touch.

IF you enjoy standing out of the crowd a print featuring larger print will make u achieve your goal

Choosing shoes for your floral outfit

Floral print look good with vibrant colours like red, pink, blue etc.

It is practically impossible for a floral print not to look good with a solid neutral shade. These colours include black, white, grey, taupe ivory and beige.

Whichever colour you choose using high heel is a great way of wearing floral with sophistication

Even if you don’t plan ahead a floral outfit is an easy way to add instantly style in your wardrobe
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Photography  www.fotografik.be
For similar outfit check http://www.okycoky.com
Wardrobe: Rita Roland.

Rita_090515_1092 - kopieRita_090515_1099Rita_090515_1094Rita_090515_1095



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