Women who wear black live a colourful and lovely life

A cocktail dress is the go to garment for a variety of social events, from work parties to wedding receptions.

Women need cocktail dresses for formal and semi formal event.

When aiming for a versatile cocktail dress this are some of the things you have to bear in mind.

  • Pay attention to the dress length, since cocktail dresses varies in length from a few inches above the knee, to few inches above the ankle. Petite women can achieve the illusion of height by wearing the shorter dresses. Taller women have more flexibility in dress length. However very tall slim woman should go for a balanced look by not wearing dresses that are too short.
  • An empire waistline which starts under the bust as opposed to the natural waist also creates an impression of height.
  • Accessorize a cocktail dress with care when going for an evening event. Keep the accessories simple, and the makeup low key, this will give you a more sophisticated look. Remember less is more
  • Choose the dress that emphasizes your best features. Many people concentrate on hiding the things they are not confident about, this usually reflects their insecurity, instead highlight your best features .
  • When choosing a cocktail dress pay attention to what it highlights .Dresses that ends a few inches from the knee showcase shapely legs, while a low neckline draws attention to your bust. Make your dress show off your best features.
  • Dress it up or dress it down, cocktail dresses are not just for evening parties, they can be dress up for receptions and other formal evening events, or dress down by pairing them with other garments that are more casual like cardigans, blazers or tunics .

One accessory to avoid with evening wear is a large handbag use a smaller bag or a clutch

A flattering cocktail dress make you to relax and allow your personality to shine at any party or social event.

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Photography:  www.fotografik.be
For similar outfit check http://www.okycoky.com
Wardrobe: Rita Roland.

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