Over the knee boots are one major hit this season and they look effortlessly stunning when combined with a micro mini skirt or a floating dress.

I admit it can be challenging to wear them out but that does not mean it is not worth trying. There are different ways of styling the over the knee boot to suit your body type. whether curvy, petite, tall . You can step up your shoe game.

For tall girls: The over the knee boot is easier to style with any outfit because of their long legs. For a perfect look, it is advisable they leave a little breathing room between their boot and their skirt line.

Curvy Girls: They can as well rock this look but they have to go for a pair that hits right above the knee, which will create a long lean leg line. For the curvy girl a miniskirt might feel a little too provocative for day time , they should go for pencil skirt that just hit the boot.

For petites: You can pair your over the knee boot with fitted structured pieces that show your shape. Don’t hide your boot under a long skirt line, cos this will shorten your legs. Leave plenty of space between your boot and your skirt line .

IF you want to bring this look to the office be sure to keep your skirt longer choose a more classic top with a button down shirt or blazer .

Feel like going for a daring look ! then add this sexy vibe to your wardrobe.

For similar outfit check
Wardrobe: Rita Roland.

Rita_020515_1009Rita_020515_1011 - kopieRita_020515_1012

Rita_020515_1014 - kopie




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