Sometimes people are beautiful
Not in looks
Not in what they say
But in who they are.

Red is a very beautiful color that symbolizes passion, love, desire, strength, courage etc.

Everyone can wear RED because it comes in different shades it all depends on your skin tone which shade of red is suitable for you.

It can also depend on your personality. If you are bold and romantic or feeling sexy and looking for love red is the way to go.

When accessorizing your red outfit keep it minimal and make your red dress the center of attention.

For getting a multiple re-wear for your red evening gown the tip is to choose an elegant and stylish piece which can stand the text of time.

Location: Hotel Leberger Brussel
For similar outfit check
Wardrobe: Rita Roland.

Rita_180815_Leberger1072 - kopie (2)

Rita_180815_Leberger1073 - kopie


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