.Even in our wised up age we do not want a world bereft of glamour.
Glamour is that fascinating, alluring and  attractive quality which is a combination of charm and good looks. A glamorous woman has a natural attractiveness that is irresistible to men because we don’t only dress for our self but for others. There is a mystique behind being glamorous, there is a certain perception of strength and power. Being a glamorous person provide both men and women with fantasy escape. Glamour is charming,  to be charming is having an appealing sense of friendliness, confidence and a sense of humor.
There is nothing more glamorous than a lady with a fur coat and killer heels on.
The fur coat keep you warm and at the same time when combined with the right outfit give u a glamorous, elegant and seductive look.
Fur coat works for all events so don’t hesitate  to try this look. When accessorizing you fur outfit keep it minimal to archive sleek and modern look. You will definitely make a statement when you enter or leaves the room.

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Location: @ Station Balegem Belgium
For similar outfit:
For fur : Musselystraat 4 Zottegem
Wardrobe: Rita Roland.



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