We all know the saying give a woman the right shoes and she will conquer the world. Designers had this on their mind for this season collections. The secret of pulling a new trend is learning the art of balance. Introducing a new accessory to your wardrobe usually requires you to pair them with stable you already have to steal the spot light.
You can add some class to your outfit by wearing the cage boot with mini skirt or short. The cage boots accentuate the leg and give the wearer a sexy vibe. They are perfect for day or night you just have to style it right. This relaxed but elegant look with a feminine flash of skin at the tight gives a glamorous and seductive look. You would choose your cage boots from suede or leather, no matter what type you choose you won’t be disappointed.
Wear this statement piece without making the look too sexy by keeping the outfit casual.
This is a sure way to add a wow factor to your outfit.

The graphic look of this trend will draw all eye to your legs when you walk into a room.

Photography: Portfolio from European Model
For similar outfit:
Cage boots@ Dsquared sold out
Wardrobe: Rita Roland

Rita R 06 - kopie


Rita R 04


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