In the past women used to associate long dresses with formal occasion. That is changing now cos we see a lot of women wearing maxi dresses for everyday events.

Maxi dresses has become a wardrobe staple for most women during the Spring and Summer.

A long maxi dress is elegant, chic and comfy.

When choosing your maxi dress you can never go wrong with neutrals as they will go with absolutely anything.

If you want a Glam factor u would choose to wear gold or pearls necklace.

The long maxi dress speaks for itself so there is no need to wear anything too trendy. Instead, you need a pair of shoes that will help bring the dress into spot light.

So keep your pretty dress from skimming the ground with a pair of stilettos


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Location : T103 Ronse
Similar outfit check: Kath-Walk@Zottegem
Jewelry:Sponsored by Juwelry De Cock
Sponsored by De Cock
Stationstraat 41
9620 Zottegem


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