Sometimes you need to get some fresh air & remind yourself of who you are & who you want to be. No color gives a fresh look other than white.
This dress is simply a breath of fresh air because is fresh very appropriate for the summer and make you feel more exciting. The white look is an ultimate look to incorporate into your wardrobe. Wearing white head to toe gives u an effortlessly elegance look.

Since white is a classic color and a trend that never fades or goes out of fashion investing in such outfit can be interesting. This type of white dress save any challenging situation like when you need to look dazzling, but have little time to put together an outfit . This dress is a contemporary outfit and it goes beyond wearing it to fancy parties but it is a timeless piece and a wardrobe staple.

A silver necklace is a perfect choice of accessory for you this look.

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Photography:  www.fotografik.be
Location : http://www.salonsmantovani.be
Similar outfit check: Kath-Walk@Zottegem
Sunglasses: http://www.optiekjacques.be
Jewelry: http://www.juwelierdecock.be
Wardrobe: Rita Roland
Sponsored by Salons Mantovani
Doorn 1
9700 Oudenaarde

Rita_170616_1046 Rita_170616_1048 Rita_170616_1049 Rita_170616_1050



rita_170616_1057 Rita_170616_1063

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