Hello fashion Lovers

Don’t you just like it when stripe is the code?
Summer  is the perfect time to be casual. You just throw on a cute dress and you are ready to go.
When you want to look chic but don’t want to put too much effort into your outfit striped dress is the dress to go for. It is classic and everyone can wear it, you can pair it with nice accessories. It is wardrobe staple. It has been a trend for a very long time and it is not going away soon.

Black and white  with a touch of red are one of my favorite and easy to style outfit.
This outfit gives u a contemporary edge and it is still neutral enough to wear with just anything.
We contracted the simplicity of this outfit with a rich location to create that feel of decadence.

Rock this sophisticated summer stripes and take it for a spin.

Thanks for stopping by

Location :
Similar outfit check: Kath-Walk@Zottegem
Wardrobe: Rita Roland
Sponsored by Salons Mantovani
Doorn 1
9700 Oudenaarde



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