We live in a world of fantasy !!!

So keep your reality away from us.

Make up is a world of fantasy.

It is about experimenting with different looks.

Fantasy make up is a look design to help creat an experience by transforming the wearer into anything you desire.

While basic make up on the other hand is used to enhance your look.

Wearing fantasy make up is fun and playfull.

It is  a dream for a make up artist because this help us to bring out our creative sides.

The sky is the limit when doing a fantasy make up.

Dont forget to get inspired by this looks.

We want to also say a big thank you to our teacher Mrs Debby DeCock for giving us this lecture.


Location : Syntra Aalst.
Photography: Mrs Debby DeCock
Materials used: Water based make up, Lipstick, Eye Liner, Eye shadow, Glitters, Glitter stones, False lashes e.t.c



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