It was originally created as a man’s riding boots in the 15th century and in the 20th century, it was redefined as a fashion boot for women.

The over the knee boot is a hipster, cool and elegant fashion with an Urban chic vibe. This lace up boots is best paired with a mini skirt and tee shirt or with floating dress it all depends on your body type. When you style the over the knee boot correctly you will achieve a youthful look with a touch of elegance and femininity. Whether you are tall, curvy, or petite you can pull off this type of look.
For Tall Girls, the over the knee boot is easier to style because of their long legs, all they have to do is give a little room between the boot and their skirt line or hemline.
Curvy Girls, they can also rock this look, they have to go for a pair that hit above the knee, this help to create a long lean leg line.
The mini skirt might be too provocative for daytime, they should go for a pencil skirt that hit the boot.
Petite Girls, they can pair their over the knee boot with a fitted structured piece that shows off their shape don’t hide your boots under a long skirt line cos this will shorten your legs. Leave plenty of space between your boots and your skirt line.

To Bring this look to the office be sure to keep your upper thigh covered and keep the top classic with a button down shirt or blazer.

In general, you can look effortlessly stunning in your over the knee boot if you keep simplicity in mind, and the outfit casual.

This type of boot can add a lot of allure and personality to your outfit.

Don’t hesitate to add this sexy vibe to your wardrobe.

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Photography: Rebeca Diaz De Leon
Footwear : Tom ford

For similar outfit:
Wardrobe: Rita Roland



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