The baby doll dress is a hit this season. To look good in a baby doll dress you must style it with high heels and choose the right length.
The baby doll dress is an inspiration from a baby doll nightgown.
This dress is feminine and flirty and it accentuates your best assets. The doll dress always involve lace, ruffles due to its childlike nature. This style is commonly seen in infants clothing.
The Empire waist dress is similar to the baby-doll dress. The different is that the Empire waist line dress is longer and the waistline just hit below the bust. The empire waist line has its name because it first gain its popularity during the French Empire we will talk about the Empire waist line in my other blog post. The great thing about the baby doll dress is that you don’t have to think about what you must wear with them, they will take centre stage when its comes to a night out.
This dress is design to show what your mama gave you when you bend over that is why they are very short.
The movie Baby Doll gave a boost to this style of dressing.
I decided to pair the baby doll dress with a fur shawl to keep warm and to give the whole look an elegant feel with a touch of glamour.

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Outfit: Rinascimento
footwear: Twin-Set
Fur Shawl: Musselystraat 4 Zottegem
Sponspored: SalonsMantovani

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