Make up had it golden age in the 50s.

Unknown models became face of make up brands. Skin improvement cosmetic began to sell fast. During the Pin up era the compact foundation was born.

In the 1950s the make up was simple but glamorous, liquid foundation which was closed to the natural skin was used.

Eye shadow was subtle, the wing effect became popular. Rouge was applied under the apple of the cheeks.

Television stepped from black & white to colored. Instead of the 1950s woman to choose color of eye shadow that complimented her skin or hair she would choose color of eye shadow that matches her clothing, putting on make up was not just to attract the husband but keep her as his eyes candy.

The ideal face was oval so you had to contour your face. Using lighter and darker power to give the illusion of an oval face. Well defined eyebrow was the icon look of the 1950s.

When we talk about 1950s make up style we think about Grace- Kelly, Audrey Hepburn etc.

The 1950s was the age of glamour

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Model: Rita Roland
Make up: Rita Roland
Stylist: Rita Roland
Photography: Christophe Walvare


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