The major challenge for the Asian makeup is the eye, this is because their eye is usually small and no well defined crease so as a makeup artist you have to make the eye appear bigger by using eyeliner, false lashes and mascara.
The eyeliner helps makes the eye appear bigger and the mascara makes the eye to pop.
One of the go to make up look for Asian is the everyday natural look, this is soft, pretty and simple
The smoky eye is also an alternative look : for the Asian it is less about adding dimension to the outer crease because there is no crease it is more about creating an even effect from the lash line towards the brow.

Six ideas for Asian make up

  • Apply colour to the eyelid and add a black eyeliner in the corner of the crease and brown eyeshadow on the browbone, blend for a natural look.
  • You can play with colour by using different coloured eyeliner on top and bottom.
  • Line your eye with black eyeliner and double it with a colored eye liner.
  • Apply Gold eyeshadow and black on the outer corner of the crease.
  • Add blue shadow underneath the eye.
  • Add bright white Eyeliner along the bottom of  the waterline to make the eye appear bigger.

Thanks for stopping by
Model: Camille Piron
Photography: Joel Van Donick
Make Up artist: Rita Roland
Stylist: Rita Roland



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