Green is the color which is mostly associated with summer and spring time, for the army theme shoot we decided to go for a smokey green eye shadow make up. This complemented the models very well and the shoot was a success because all the models would get into character.
Ways to create this look
• After using primer on the eyelid, I applied light brown eye shadow as my base coat.
• I used a dark brown color into the crease to define the crease.
• I used a green color eye shadow on the eyelid and a little of it also under the      eye in combination with black eyeliner, I then blend it to create the smokey eye effect.
• Apply a little gold on the brow bone and on the inner tear duct area to open the eyes and bring in some light.
• I applied black eyeliner to create a dramatic wings eye.

To pull the look together, I used a red lipstick because red complement green.

Thanks for stopping by
Model: Laura Del Mazo Perez
Make up artist : Rita Roland
Photography: Joel Van Donnick

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