DVL_2253The contrast between black and gold for a dark skin is very fascinating. Gold brings a glamorous feel ,an it also bring out the natural beauty of very black woman’ s eye that is why we decided to create this look.
Dark skin ladies always have the problem of which eye shadow complements their skin because the selection is sadly limited, you always have to add a million coats before it even show up on your skin.
Gold & black are  colors of eye shadow which goes very well with the chocolate skin.
A way to know which eye shadow is good for your skin tone is to try it first on your hands, if the shade melts right into your skin then it is right for you, if it makes your skin look dry then it is not for you.
The color gold adds brightness to the eye and it blends really well on dark skin.
If you are a chocolate girl please don’t hesitate to try this.

Thanks for stopping by
Make up artist: Rita Roland
Photography: Jee Kaa






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