Today I celebrate my 100st blog post, what can I say it has been fun and I enjoy doing it.

I also want to thank my readers, friends and fans who have always supported me  we have really come a long way.

To celebrate my 100st blog post I decided to go for the red ball dress.

As you may know by now Red is my favourite colour and I cannot get enough of it.

Red symbolizes passion, desire, love, strength, courage and danger above all it is a warm colour filled with glamour and sophistication which compliment my skin very much.

I know the question on your mind, can I also wear Red? Yes you can. Everyone can wear red, this is because it comes in different shades, so it depends on your skin undertone to know the right shade of red which will suit you.

When you have a cool undertone you will look best in maroon or crimson
When you have a warm undertone you will look best in scarlet but if you have neutral undertone you can wear almost any shade of red.

Red is also for a bold and romantic personality.

Get inspired by this look

Thanks for stopping by
Model: Rita Roland
Make up: Rita Roland
Photography: Joel Van Donnick
Costume: Studio 22 Turnhout




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