The Egyptian fashion was created to keep cool while in the hot desert. It was adorned with precious jewels which was meant for beauty and comfort. The ancient Egyptian are not remembered for their rich history only, but for their beautiful and ornate fashion. The Egyptian fashion represents both practicality and indulgence. To achieve this type of look you have to make it simple and symbolic with a bit of amazing jewelries.The Egyptian woman usually worn garment which was used to display their curves. They worn headpiece made of jewelry  which was often the most extravagant on the whole ensemble.  They used a lot of gold because gold was in abundance in ancient Egypt, they also worn amulets which were carved into different images or figures.

Which shoes go well with Egyptian dress

Gold shoes go well with an Egyptian dress, for this outfit I choose gold footwear

So don’t be afraid to style your green dress with gold because the result is gorgeous.

Black shoes go well with this type of outfit too, cream shoes can also be an alternative.
To bring the Egyptian look to a modern day contemporary look we had to style it with stilettos and not with gladiator shoes.

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Model: Rita Roland
Mua: Rita Roland
Photography: Joel Van Donick
Location: Studio 22
Costume: Studio 22

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