Wearing trousers in the summer for me is not really appealing. The Summer means heat, humidity and wearing trousers can be very discomforting as a woman when the weather is too hot, any fabric that stick to the body is a NO, NO for me.

Linen is a fabric that is breezy and help you to keep cool, linen is almost as good as bikini for a hot summer day. The linen dress is stylish, versatile and casual.

The beauty of the white linen dress is that it is a hero among other white dress because of its simplicity and elegant feel.
One safe way to style a linen dress is to wear it with nude shoes in other word by keeping it neutral.

You can also add a pop of color like blue or green. White is a blank canvas for a pop of colors.

The suede tan combination with a linen dress is also fun but if you want to create a maximum impact you can go for a red shoes with red lipstick.

As you know I love the monochromatic look, so I went for a white shoe, In short I went white all the way to create a fresh, youthful and beautiful look.
The background helped to create the contract which we wanted to achieve.

Thanks for stopping by
Model: Rita Roland
Outfit: Style and Concept.
MUA: Rita Roland
Photography: d.v.loon fotografie


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