Carrie Bradshaw is known for the woman who knows how to wear the tutu skirt.

Fashion bloggers, influencers and it- girls cannot have enough of the tutu skirt.

When you are not lucky and the wind blows up your tutu skirt you can create an unwanted show, so you have to check the weather condition before wearing the tutu skirt.

This look is gorgeous and worth trying. If you are wondering how to style this type of outfit there are some tips for you.

You can wear petite coat with your tutu skirt, this is for the 1950 style.

Wearing a leather jacket with the tutu skirt will take the look from feminine to more edgy side.

You can also wear your tutu skirt with corset top or you can contrast it with colourful corset top to have a bit of colour drama or you can go for complementary corset top.

Tutu skirt can also be paired with a tank top which will give it a very low key look.

Jeans’ jacket with a tutu skirt play down the ballerina vibe and give your outfit a more casual look.

Thanks for stopping
Model: Rita Roland
Mua: Rita Roland
Photography: Joel Van Donick
Location: Studio 22
Costume: Studio 22



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