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This is one of the post which is highly requested by my fans.
What is in my handbag.
So let get nosy.
First of all I change my handbag very often to match my outfit so it all depends on where I am going and what I want to carry with me.
During the day I normally will carry a big handbag but in the evening I will go for a clutch or cross body. As a handbag lover I have more than 100 handbags so you can imagine I change a lot, I am frequently swapping handbags around.
What I normally carry in my handbag are
Wallet which contains cash, credit cards, business card.
I have headphone, this is because I love to listen to music.
My compact powder to fix my make up when it becomes too oily.
Hand cream because I have a very dry skin.
Sunglasses for sun protection.
My keys.
USB stick containing the work I am busy with at the moment.
Lipstick which is usually red because red lipstick is my signature look.
Pen and note book because I am always penning down my ideas.
Agenda to take appointment.
My iPhone I want to be reachable at all times and to stay connected with my fans.
This is the sneak peek into my handbag.

Thanks for stopping by
Model: Rita Roland
Outfit: Style and Concept
MUA: Rita Roland
Photography: d.v.loon fotografie

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