22835556_1542502055833574_1712369151_nThis is the question I am often asked by my fans and friends.

Rita Why did you start blogging ?

I noticed that women from the age of 30 and above did not like to dress feminine and sexy or even talk about fashion any more they are carried away with work and raising the kids that they give excuses why they don’t like to dress up or dress extravagent.

In short the extravagant fashion thing was a no go area because they consider it too materialistic and lack of depth, don’t even talk about standing out because they all wanted to fit in.

As a fashion advocate I decided to start a movement where it is OK for women from the age of 30 to dress feminine, sexy and extravagant without fear of been judged.

This is what Style and Concept by Rita Roland is all about.

As a creative person talking about it was not good enough women had to see it, so the blog gave me the platform to share my creative work with women all over the World.

Due to the fact that my blog show case different style of fashion this help women to get inspiration from the type of look which is most appealing to them. What is consistence about this diversity in my fashion style is the sexiness, elegance and glamour.

I get my inspiration from music, traveling or just talking with people.

I like to keep it real this is because I am a very down to earth person ( who loves to keep a little heaven) and also I love to live a life of truth, that is why I encourage women to embrace who they are without fear of been judged.

In between my busy life as a host in a luxury event company .

I take time out to write my articles and do the photo shoots for my blog.

I love using pictures to tell my stories that is why location, styling, attitude and atmosphere is very important  in my photo shoots and my writing.

So with my blog book Style and Concept by Rita Roland in my hands

I go into the world telling women about dressing sexy, glamorous, elegant and to be confident because self-esteem and a smile is the best outfit you can ever wear.

This revolution start now.

Thanks for embarking on this journey with me.

Outfit: http://www.okycoky.com
Outfit  http://www.zara.be
Photography. Dick v.loon.fotografie
Location: Hotel Prince Ville Breda



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