A part of being a successful model is getting paid for jobs .

Being a freelance model comes with challenges and expenses.

Each client is different and so is their budget but as a freelance model is necessary you know your worth and also to have a starting fees.

What will influence your charges is the amount of experience you have and the strength of your portfolio.
This is because if a client pays you they expect you to deliver as a PRO and they will expect the bar to be very high, so be realistic about your skill and ability. Even when you have a lot of experience don’t expect to get the same amount as the agency represented model.

The price is also determined by

1 The type of gig, is it a fashion, swimsuit, trade show etc .
Glamour, swimsuit, artistic nude clients pays higher because of the nature of the shoot.

2 How long is the shoot

3 Are there expenses involve like transportation lodging and meals

4 Do u need to provide outfit of your own or do your hair and makeup.

As a freelance model you can ask flat rate, per hour.

Per hour is approximately 50 to 75 euros  for a model with a bit of experience and 75 to 100 euros  for  a PRO model .

For half a day  you can charge a flat fees of 200 euros for a model with a bit of experience and 300 euros for a PRO Model.

For a day  you can ask a flat frees of 400 euros for a model with a bit of experience and 500 euros and higher for a PRO model

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Photography- Kristof Van Den Bossche


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