The days of white socks as a fashion piece is over. Colourful socks are now the in thing. Socks to me is a necessity in the winter because it keeps my feet warm, so if you have cold feet’s like me socks are a most have in your wardrobe.
I wear socks a lot on a casual day at home, you can even catch me walking around in the house in my pair of socks or just relaxing in bed.
I like them colourful and fun.
How to style your socks
• When dressing casual rock a colourful socks by letting your imagination go wild pick fun socks. And when your outfit is subdued wear a funkier socks with colours.
• If you are dressing for a casual or semi-formal event you can make the socks match with your outfit
• For a cohesive look you can match the colour of your socks to your trousers or the colour of your shoes.
What you must know is that colourful socks are very trendy accessories for both men and women.
The ultimate goal of wearing a colourful sock is to show your personality and to spice up your outfit, embrace a unique pair of socks at





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