Juliet House  is a precise references to Verona in the tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet which was immortalized for all time by William Shakespare.



The famous Balcony plays a very important role in the story of Romeo and Juliet which is a tragic love story between two teenagers who’s wealthy Veronese families were sworn enermies.


The love story between Romeo and Juliet began with a masked ball in the house of the Capulets.

Here was where Romeo meant Juliet and it was love at first sight.

Romeo hears Juliet confess her love for him to the moon

The two lovers swears eternal love but since there was feud between the two families they had to keep their passion secret.

As fate would have it Juliet cousin Tebaldo kills Romeo best friend and Romeo in retaliation kills Julliet cousin.

Romeo is permanently exiled from Verona.

Julliet is despirate because her father wants her to marry Court Paris, she decided to drink the content of phial that will maker her appear dead for 42 hours which was enough time to annuel her wedding .

She requested that Romeo been notified of the plan but that was not the case.

When Romeo heard of the death of Juliet he returns to Verona and run to the crypt where Juliet is lying but there he meets Court Paris and he challenges him with a drawn sword and Romeo is forced to defend himseif.

Remeo embrace Juliet for the last time and drinks poison .

When Juliet woke up she finds Romeo dad and she killes herseif with his dagger.

The death of the two young lovers brought the two families together and they make peace.

Verona is the place of the immortal story of the impossible and tragic love story of Romeo and juliet.


It is one of the monument that made Verona famous and which the city is very proud of.

It covers an ellipstical area measuring 435 by 360 ft (138.77 x 109.52m) The dimension of the pit are 243 by 144ft (73.68 x 44.43m) Like most Roman amphi theatre and circuses , it was originally used for gladiatorial games, hunts, and other spectacular events.

From 1913 the areas has become the regular setting for grandiose operatic performances.


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Photograph: Rita Roland
Location: Verona (Italy)


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