Rita Roland moved from Zottegem to Herzele just before the corona period. She studied drama and performing art but decided to start a career as a stylist. Now she has a fashion blog on a freelance basis where she gives fashion tips through her fashion blog and her books she shares her innovative ideas about fashion, beauty, art and culture. Her fashion blog was started in 2015.She started this blog because she always had a passion for fashion. She has a strong opinion about fashion, she thinks, for example, that Belgian women should dare to wear more colour. She said that Belgium women are too conservative, they should dare to stand out more. Her book’s style and concept contain different clothing styles with fashion tips . She also gives tips through her Facebook page with videos. You can always contact her for fashion tips.
Besides being a fashion blogger, she is also a model She used to be a real estate agent, but she stopped because she wanted to focus more on fashion. During the corona period she did some renovating work in her house. The renovation is almost completed she just has to put the finishing touch to her walk in closet / studio where she plans to do her vlog and Facebook videos.

Rita Roland is always positive and her motto is where there is a will there is a way. Her message for the inhabitants of Herzele is to Love each another and be kind to one another.

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