I thought it was a betrayer of the Queen and the royal palace. Prince Harry grandson of the Queen and his wife Megan trashing the monarchy, thereby rubbishing the institution that the Queen represent.

It has to do with contemporary culture of narcissism  and obsession with self.

It is trendy in today society to be the victim, the one who is hurt and have the wound display in public, while the Queen is the opposite of this culture.

She does not express her emotion in public, she does not think constantly about herself, she has sacrificed her whole life to duty and constitutional role.

 We see here a clash between the modern culture and the culture of duty and loyalty.

  • The royal family welcomed Megan and gave her an extravagant wedding.
  • She did not make any effort to fit into the institution that has existed for century, she wanted the institution to adapt to her and her needs.
    I don’t believe her when she said she did not know what she was marrying into, THAT IS WHY THERE IS GOOGLE, it is for free she would have used it.

  • In the two-hour interview they never said anything they would have done differently it was all the fault of the institution.
  •  When Megan came into the British royal family she was loved by the citizen they only change toward her when she started becoming too political outspoken, she started giving lectures about the environment, while jetting around in a private jet. That was when the media came after her.

Harry is  upset that he had to pay for his own security, when royal duties ends the privilege’s ends too. That is how the institution work, since he decided to step down from his duties, he should protect and provide for his family with dignity and keep the media out of it. His issue with his royal family should be resolve privately.

Let’s come to think of it Megan who lives in multimillion dollar mansion, and she talks about how much of a victim she is, while a lot of people in the World has lost their homes and jobs, they are having difficulty in meeting up with their basis needs due to the lockdown.

This is my taught as a member of the Royal family of Esan Kindgdom.

Outfit: African Traditional head tie
Black Lace dress & veil

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