Abstract art rules think of graphic and geometrical lines with colored patterns, wearing an abstract print is a nice way to make a fabulous fashion statement and to make you irresistible.

Designers are making a major hit with digital prints or graphic patterns.
Dressing up in abstract print is a great way to spice up your wardrobe. Styling your graphic print with fabulous footwear this adds an extra touch of femininity to your whole look.
Abstract art has now ruled so if you are a fan of geometrical pattern or graphic patterns, it does not matter whichever way you choose to go instant glamour is guaranteed.

Graphic pattern can also show off you straight forward nature.

Graphic print dress will instantly make you look gorgeous if you don’t over accessoriz it with chunky necklace or big sunglasses. A unique shoe is a go to for a graphic print.

You have to pick the color of your outfit by consedering which color looks best for your skin tone.
Coat and blazer are versatile enough to wear with the graphicprint, whenever you wear the graphic print you feel feminine and the artistic side of you shows.

To look your best in graphic print you need to pick a dress that need no effort to style.

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Wardrobe: Rita Roland
Location: SalonsMantovani
Sponspored: SalonsMantovani



The Egyptian fashion was created to keep cool while in the hot desert. It was adorned with precious jewels which was meant for beauty and comfort. The ancient Egyptian are not remembered for their rich history only, but for their beautiful and ornate fashion. The Egyptian fashion represents both practicality and indulgence. To achieve this type of look you have to make it simple and symbolic with a bit of amazing jewelries.The Egyptian woman usually worn garment which was used to display their curves. They worn headpiece made of jewelry  which was often the most extravagant on the whole ensemble.  They used a lot of gold because gold was in abundance in ancient Egypt, they also worn amulets which were carved into different images or figures.

Which shoes go well with Egyptian dress

Gold shoes go well with an Egyptian dress, for this outfit I choose gold footwear

So don’t be afraid to style your green dress with gold because the result is gorgeous.

Black shoes go well with this type of outfit too, cream shoes can also be an alternative.
To bring the Egyptian look to a modern day contemporary look we had to style it with stilettos and not with gladiator shoes.

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Model: Rita Roland
Mua: Rita Roland
Photography: Joel Van Donick
Location: Studio 22
Costume: Studio 22


Today I celebrate my 100st blog post, what can I say it has been fun and I enjoy doing it.

I also want to thank my readers, friends and fans who have always supported me  we have really come a long way.

To celebrate my 100st blog post I decided to go for the red ball dress.

As you may know by now Red is my favourite colour and I cannot get enough of it.

Red symbolizes passion, desire, love, strength, courage and danger above all it is a warm colour filled with glamour and sophistication which compliment my skin very much.

I know the question on your mind, can I also wear Red? Yes you can. Everyone can wear red, this is because it comes in different shades, so it depends on your skin undertone to know the right shade of red which will suit you.

When you have a cool undertone you will look best in maroon or crimson
When you have a warm undertone you will look best in scarlet but if you have neutral undertone you can wear almost any shade of red.

Red is also for a bold and romantic personality.

Get inspired by this look

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Model: Rita Roland
Make up: Rita Roland
Photography: Joel Van Donnick
Costume: Studio 22 Turnhout




Baroque fashion has its origin from the 17th century during the Renaissance period.
The Baroque period was aimed at creating moments thatexaggerates motion to produce drama
Baroque style has been dominating the runaways this show that designer goes back in history to get inspiration.
It was stated in 1600 in Rome, Italy and it quickly spread to most European country.

The French embrace this style which was a use of colorand rich decoration. The baroque outfit was worn by Maria Antoinette, and the Baroque nobles did not spare money on their outfit the most expensive fabric was used.

Ladies were obsessed with the hour glass figure as the waist got smaller and the gown got bigger and wilder.
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Model: Rita Roland
Photography: Thomas Hamerlijnck
Costume: Studio 22 Turnhout
Make up: Studio 22 Turnhout

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The African Print which is also called the DUTCH WAX PRINT is a beautiful clothing material among the African and the West African.

They are coloured cotton material with batik printing.

They are usually sold in 12  yards, which is a full piece or half piece of 6 yards.

Some Wax print is named after personalities, Countries or buildings.

They are a collectable for the African woman.

The Wax print now has a lot of influence on the international marketand a lot of western designers has embraced it.
This outfit was specially designed for me by Jane Whyte Watsen a Nigerian designer from Houston Texas.

It was created to give a very tall and slim look  hence it was plaited in steps.

To further push this concept the Maasai goddess came to mind that was why I styled the look with a 16cm shoe.

Please meet the beautiful Massai Goddess from the South of Kenya she has grace, style and elegance.

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Model: Rita Roland
Outfit: Simply Queenly
Photography: Christophe Walrava



Today I celebrate my 2 years of been a fashion blogger. The quesiton I am always asked by friends and fans is what does it feels like to be blogging.

All I can say is it has been fun and I enjoy doing it but In the beginning it can be difficult because it is expensive and time-consuming due to the fact that  you have to create your website, do your photo shoots and write your articles but with consistence, hard work, dedication and passion you will be able to realise your goal.

I have achieved over the period of 2 years success in the form of sponsorship and partnership with different brands and I have written my blog book.
Style and concept by Rita Roland volume1
A blog book for your World of style

I am working on volume 2 and 3 at this moment. I love to use this opportunity to thank my team of experts, friends and facebook fans for always suporting me, without you guys I would not do it.

To celeberate this great occasion I decided to go for a bungundy dress.

Bungundy makes you think of silly things, Bordeaux makes you talk about them and champagne makes you do them “Jean Anthelme Brillat Savarin

Bungundy is now the new black, as you know bungundy is a dark red colour that is sometimes called Oxblood, Maroon or bordeaux. Bungundy dress can just be what your wardrobe is missing, add this deep alluring colour to your wardrobe because a feel of it can be intoxicating and you cannot get enough of it.

Whether you want to evoke a vision of berries or wine your bungundy dress call for a deep taught of what shoes you have to wear with it.
This depends on your personal taste and the occasion. You can wear bungundy shoes with bungundy dress which is what I did, to create a monochromatic look with a feel of harmony within the colours.
I also added a fur shawl to give it a feel of Old Hollywood glamour which is always my thing.

You can also wear bungundy dress with gold or silver shoes or even with Nude shoes e.g cream or black.

In general nudes shoes soften a bungundy outfit. You can decide to play it safe or edgy which ever way you choose instant glamour is guaranty.

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Outfit: okycoky
footwear: sasha
Fur shawl: Musselystraat 4 Zottegem
Location: Salonsmantovani
Wardrobe: Rita Roland



The event in our lives happens in a sequence in time, but in their significance to ourselves they find their our order in the continuous thread of revelation.

As I celebrate my birthday I decided to go for the sequence jump suit.
Do U like to celebrate your birthday?
I think life should be celebrated, no matter what we are going through, just take time out to party with friends and family cos life is too short.

It is good to be thankful for what you have in life and what you have accomplished we must appreciate the fruit of life, which is birth itself.
Birth is your beginning, it is the chance to fullfill your mission in life.

That is why birthday is a momentous occasion and should be celebrated.
It is a chance to remember the day a major event occurred. It is a time to rethink your life. A time to recall a new beginning, no matter how things were yesterday or last year we can always try again or take a jump into a new adventure, with this sequence jump suit I take a jump into a new adventure as I celebrate my birthday.

The sequence jumpsuit trend started in 2014 and we have seen a lot of celebrities wearing it to the red carpet events.

This is one outfit you don’t want to miss in your wardrobe.

It is a new thing and we must have fun with it since fashion should be FUN right.

You can make it more feminine by wearing  an awesome pump.

Keep jewellery, make up and other accessories to a minimum not to overwhelm the look.

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Wardrobe:  Rita Roland
Sequence jump suit: D&G
Foot wear: Versace
Hand bag : D&G
Fur : Musselystraat 4 Zottegem




These blog book is an insight about my fashion style. I want to share my innovative ideas about fashion with my friends and fans. It is all about that woman who walks into a room and light up the whole place. She is sexy, sensual, elegant, glamorous and above all she is bold and beautiful. She is that woman whose beauty comes from within. As you will discover in this journey, she is a lover of the color red and white, that is why red and white is the most used outfit

What do we know about lovers of red:

  • Lovers of red are extrovert, optimistic, courageous and confident.
  • They are action oriented people with a strong survival instinct and a very competitive mind and loves to win.
  • They gain the respect of others quite easily.
  • They are passionate about life and are not afraid to pursue their dreams and goals.
  • Patience is not one of their strongest point. They can flare up instantaneously but calm down quite quickly.
  • They experience life through the five senses

Lovers of white on the other hand:

  • Are people who are meticulous about their appearances.
  • They are innocent or at least they feel so.
  • Lovers of white have a clear view of how they want to live.
  • They have high moral standards and expect the best from themselves and others.
  • Due to their positive nature they love to surround themselves with like-minded people who are uplifting and motivating.These facts are based on color psychology. You will also discover in style and concept by Rita Roland volume 1, that it is okay to be different. All that matters, is you loving
  • who you are and be happy with yourself & your fashion style.

We are been reminded that standing out is not a crime but a plus point.

It is also stated that the best outfit you can ever wear is a SMILE.

In conclusion this blog book is about A DARING FASHION STYLE.

The ultimate goal is for you to get inspired by the looks and interpret it into your own personal style.





The baby doll dress is a hit this season. To look good in a baby doll dress you must style it with high heels and choose the right length.
The baby doll dress is an inspiration from a baby doll nightgown.
This dress is feminine and flirty and it accentuates your best assets. The doll dress always involve lace, ruffles due to its childlike nature. This style is commonly seen in infants clothing.
The Empire waist dress is similar to the baby-doll dress. The different is that the Empire waist line dress is longer and the waistline just hit below the bust. The empire waist line has its name because it first gain its popularity during the French Empire we will talk about the Empire waist line in my other blog post. The great thing about the baby doll dress is that you don’t have to think about what you must wear with them, they will take centre stage when its comes to a night out.
This dress is design to show what your mama gave you when you bend over that is why they are very short.
The movie Baby Doll gave a boost to this style of dressing.
I decided to pair the baby doll dress with a fur shawl to keep warm and to give the whole look an elegant feel with a touch of glamour.

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Outfit: Rinascimento
footwear: Twin-Set
Fur Shawl: Musselystraat 4 Zottegem
Sponspored: SalonsMantovani


It was originally created as a man’s riding boots in the 15th century and in the 20th century, it was redefined as a fashion boot for women.

The over the knee boot is a hipster, cool and elegant fashion with an Urban chic vibe. This lace up boots is best paired with a mini skirt and tee shirt or with floating dress it all depends on your body type. When you style the over the knee boot correctly you will achieve a youthful look with a touch of elegance and femininity. Whether you are tall, curvy, or petite you can pull off this type of look.
For Tall Girls, the over the knee boot is easier to style because of their long legs, all they have to do is give a little room between the boot and their skirt line or hemline.
Curvy Girls, they can also rock this look, they have to go for a pair that hit above the knee, this help to create a long lean leg line.
The mini skirt might be too provocative for daytime, they should go for a pencil skirt that hit the boot.
Petite Girls, they can pair their over the knee boot with a fitted structured piece that shows off their shape don’t hide your boots under a long skirt line cos this will shorten your legs. Leave plenty of space between your boots and your skirt line.

To Bring this look to the office be sure to keep your upper thigh covered and keep the top classic with a button down shirt or blazer.

In general, you can look effortlessly stunning in your over the knee boot if you keep simplicity in mind, and the outfit casual.

This type of boot can add a lot of allure and personality to your outfit.

Don’t hesitate to add this sexy vibe to your wardrobe.

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Footwear : Tom ford

For similar outfit:
Wardrobe: Rita Roland