DSC_4176The best Christmas gifts are the presences of a happy family and good friends. Christmas season is the time of joy and happiness it is the time of forgiveness  where we all get to come  together to celebrate the birth of Jesus.
It is also  fun and exciting to decorate the Christmas tree with the children, they love it a lot.
It is a period where we get stress out looking for gift for our love ones. When picking gift for our love ones it is very important to put in mind what they like or what their hobbies are and use this as a guide to give them gifts because at the end it comes to the taught that is put in it than the price of the gift. My son always give me gifts that has a lot of taught in it this  amaze me and always brings tears of joy to my eye.
We don’t have to forget the Christmas outfit right.
Choosing an outfit for this occasion all depends if you are staying in or dinning out, if you are the one who loves to relax at home you can do the slouchy jeans and snugly slippers but if you like to dine out or visit friends you can do the glitter and glamour outfit but remember to stay warm this is very important when choosing your Christmas outfit.

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During the Winter Pagan and Christian used branches of tree to decorate their homes as it made them think of Spring to come. The Roman used the Fir tree to decorate their temples while the Christian used it as a sign of everlasting life with God. The Fir tree was used as Christmas tree about 1000 years ago in Northern Europe the first person to bring Christmas tree into a house as we know it today was Martin Luther the story was that he walk through a forest and looked up to see the stars shinning through the tree branches it was so beautiful that he went home and told his children that it remained him of Jesus who left the stars of heaven to come to earth at Christ. Christmas tree was decorated with roses of colored paper but in the 18th century it began to be illuminated by candle, today the Christmas tree is decorated with garlands, baubles, tinsel, candy canes etc. In the western tradition the Christmas tree are erected on the first day of the advent or even as late as Christmas eve. Now that we know the history of the Christmas tree, Is anybody feeling the Christmas tree decorated with high heels shoes. Don’t u just dream of having a Christmas tree full of shoes I know my shoe lovers are feeling me on this. Hehehe now is the moment of truth have you be nice or naught cos I hope Santa brings us some pairs of high heel Shoes.

Did I mention the higher the shoes the closer to God

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Model: Rita Roland
Photography: Joel Van Donnick


Autumn is one of my favorite season of the year, when all the leaves from the trees and plants change their color into Multi colored work of art. It is very beauty sight.

For me been a Nigerian this is very amazing to see in my country we don’t have it.

This beautiful season represent a beautiful cycle of loss, regeneration and regrowth. The dead leaves on the ground disintegrate and turn into part of the soil which becomes fertilizer.

This season is perfect for taking beautiful scenic pictures.

It is very relaxing and rejuvenating to enjoy the nature and the surrounding scenery.

It is a perfect time to take out the coat, light the fire place and it is also a time to go camping, fishing or road trip etc.

The purple multicolored dress fit very well with the scenery since purple symbolizing creativity, wisdom and dignity it was a very nice choose of color for this shoot.

Autumn I greet thee with a dream full of HOPE
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Model: Rita Roland
Location: Antwerp
Photography: Dick Van Loon


Hello fashionistas do you love dramatic outfit?

These blue ruffle dress which is very striking screams sophistication, elegance and power.

It just say hello here I am.

It is the center of attention when you wear it to a red carpet event.
You know what some times we have to go all the way to create special effect and these type of dress is just the perfect choice.

I when for the blue color because blue is a very cool and calming color that show creativity, intelligence, freedom, imagination and inspiration.  It also goes very well with the dark skin.
This dramatic outfit symbolize that we don’t have  limit in our dreams and creativity.

Do I have to say MORE HELL NO

The gorgeousness of this outfit have said it ALL

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Model : Rita Roland
Photographers: AD Fricke, Dick Van Loon & Gaetan francken
Costume: Luxury photoshoot styling





The head tie or head wrap originated in Sub Sahara Africa and was used to convey spirituality and prosperity. The head tie is a way that the African use nonverbally communicated their place in life, to tell if she is a widow, grandmother or a young married woman. Tying a piece of cloth around the head is not specific to any cultural group, what is culturally specific is the way the fabric is tied and the type of fabric used.

The European or white American women fords a square piece of fabrics into a triangular shape and cover her hair by tying the fabric under the chic or at the nape of the neck.

While the woman from African ancestry folds the fabrics into a rectilinear shape, rather than tying the knot under the chic she ties the knot somewhere on the crown of her head. She leaves her fore head open this enhance the facial features.

During the slavery the white Lords imposed the wear of head wraps as a badge of enslavement.
In Nigeria head tie are known as GELE and can be rather large and elaborate it can be worn every day but the elaborate one’s like the one I am wearing are used for special events.

It is made of material which is firmer than the regular cloth. It is tied to cover the whole hair, the only part exposed is the face and the earrings.

The GELE is worn with traditional attire.

Today the head tie is worn by the African woman as a Queen might wear her crown.

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Model : Rita Roland
Mua : Rita Roland
Styling : Rita Roland
Photography :








This is the question I am often asked by my fans and friends.

Rita Why did you start blogging ?

I noticed that women from the age of 30 and above did not like to dress feminine and sexy or even talk about fashion any more they are carried away with work and raising the kids that they give excuses why they don’t like to dress up or dress extravagent.

In short the extravagant fashion thing was a no go area because they consider it too materialistic and lack of depth, don’t even talk about standing out because they all wanted to fit in.

As a fashion advocate I decided to start a movement where it is OK for women from the age of 30 to dress feminine, sexy and extravagant without fear of been judged.

This is what Style and Concept by Rita Roland is all about.

As a creative person talking about it was not good enough women had to see it, so the blog gave me the platform to share my creative work with women all over the World.

Due to the fact that my blog show case different style of fashion this help women to get inspiration from the type of look which is most appealing to them. What is consistence about this diversity in my fashion style is the sexiness, elegance and glamour.

I get my inspiration from music, traveling or just talking with people.

I like to keep it real this is because I am a very down to earth person ( who loves to keep a little heaven) and also I love to live a life of truth, that is why I encourage women to embrace who they are without fear of been judged.

In between my busy life as a host in a luxury event company and my modeling jobs.

I take time out to write my articles and do the photo shoots for my blog.

I love using pictures to tell my stories that is why location, styling, attitude and atmosphere is very important  in my photo shoots and my writing.

To write my articles I don’t like distractions so most of the times I go for a weekend getaway to give myself that 1OO percent concentration to focus on writing.

So with my blog book Style and Concept by Rita Roland in my hands

I go into the world telling women about dressing sexy, glamorous, elegant and to be confident because self-esteem and a smile is the best outfit you can ever wear.

This revolution start now.

Thanks for embarking on this journey with me.

Photography. Dick v.loon.fotografie
Location: Hotel Prince Ville Breda



Today fur coats are not only worn to opera but as street style.

When worn as street style it is normally combined with skinny jeans or leather pants this helps to balance the fluffiness of the fur coat to creates a very beautiful look.

A casual and very simple style is great with a fur coat because it makes the fur the star of the outfit.

It is a trend which is very common among fashion bloggers and street style stars.

Fur coat is super warm during the winter months so if you leave in a country where it freezes this type of coat really can keep you warm, if you are wearing the fur coat you can also cover your neck, but because the fur coat is a rich look it is better you go for a shawl in cashmere.

Some people don’t like the Fur if you are one of them it is OK you can go for the Faux fur it is equally gorgeous and you can create the same effect.
All that matters is keeping warm and feeling gorgeous.

When wearing a fur coat you can keep your hair long, short or curly, you will definitely look good in whatever style of hair you choose you can also pair it with all type of shoes but I decided to pair it with a spike super high heels shoes because I wanted the look to be sexy with an edge of seduction.

This is a type of look that when you enter in a room you will surely make an impression.

The Fall and Winter runaway is full of furs It does not look like the trend is slowly down soon.

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Model: Rita Roland
Wardrobe: Rita Roland
MUA: Rita Roland
Photography: d.v.loon fotografie



This is one of the post which is highly requested by my fans.
What is in my handbag.
So let get nosy.
First of all I change my handbag very often to match my outfit so it all depends on where I am going and what I want to carry with me.
During the day I normally will carry a big handbag but in the evening I will go for a clutch or cross body. As a handbag lover I have more than 100 handbags so you can imagine I change a lot, I am frequently swapping handbags around.
What I normally carry in my handbag are
Wallet which contains cash, credit cards, business card.
I have headphone, this is because I love to listen to music.
My compact powder to fix my make up when it becomes too oily.
Hand cream because I have a very dry skin.
Sunglasses for sun protection.
My keys.
USB stick containing the work I am busy with at the moment.
Lipstick which is usually red because red lipstick is my signature look.
Pen and note book because I am always penning down my ideas.
Agenda to take appointment.
My iPhone I want to be reachable at all times and to stay connected with my fans.
This is the sneak peek into my handbag.

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Model: Rita Roland
Outfit: Style and Concept
MUA: Rita Roland
Photography: d.v.loon fotografie

DVL_0443 i


Carrie Bradshaw is known for the woman who knows how to wear the tutu skirt.

Fashion bloggers, influencers and it- girls cannot have enough of the tutu skirt.

When you are not lucky and the wind blows up your tutu skirt you can create an unwanted show, so you have to check the weather condition before wearing the tutu skirt.

This look is gorgeous and worth trying. If you are wondering how to style this type of outfit there are some tips for you.

You can wear petite coat with your tutu skirt, this is for the 1950 style.

Wearing a leather jacket with the tutu skirt will take the look from feminine to more edgy side.

You can also wear your tutu skirt with corset top or you can contrast it with colourful corset top to have a bit of colour drama or you can go for complementary corset top.

Tutu skirt can also be paired with a tank top which will give it a very low key look.

Jeans’ jacket with a tutu skirt play down the ballerina vibe and give your outfit a more casual look.

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Model: Rita Roland
Mua: Rita Roland
Photography: Joel Van Donick
Location: Studio 22
Costume: Studio 22



Wearing trousers in the summer for me is not really appealing. The Summer means heat, humidity and wearing trousers can be very discomforting as a woman when the weather is too hot, any fabric that stick to the body is a NO, NO for me.

Linen is a fabric that is breezy and help you to keep cool, linen is almost as good as bikini for a hot summer day. The linen dress is stylish, versatile and casual.

The beauty of the white linen dress is that it is a hero among other white dress because of its simplicity and elegant feel.
One safe way to style a linen dress is to wear it with nude shoes in other word by keeping it neutral.

You can also add a pop of color like blue or green. White is a blank canvas for a pop of colors.

The suede tan combination with a linen dress is also fun but if you want to create a maximum impact you can go for a red shoes with red lipstick.

As you know I love the monochromatic look, so I went for a white shoe, In short I went white all the way to create a fresh, youthful and beautiful look.
The background helped to create the contract which we wanted to achieve.

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Model: Rita Roland
Outfit: Style and Concept.
MUA: Rita Roland
Photography: d.v.loon fotografie