This car was manufactured in 1986, and it’s manufacturing ended in 1987. IT is a light weighted utility and recreational vehicle.

It is a fun car which is very nice to drive in the beach or the French countryside. This car is difficult to find nowadays.

A lot of people are looking for such classic cars, DUS they are in high demand. It gives a lot of pleasure when driving it around the countryside.

The car Citroen Mehari is named after the fast running Dromadary Camel which would be used for racing or transportation.

This particular one was produced in 1987.

I decided to match the color of the car with my outfit.

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The Sauna is a room in which people aim to relax in dry heat, it has a temperature of 70- 100 degree Celsius. Anybody who has  cardiovascular problem or who is pregnant should seek medical advice before using the Sauna. Sauna originated in Finland most of the house in Finland has inbuild Sauna, during Suana session in Finland you sit naked under 100 degree Celsius, you sweat and after the session you go outside to refresh yourself in the freezing water, or you roll in the snow.

It is estimated that there are 2 million saunas for a population of 5.3 million people in Finland.

Traditional Sauna are heated by wood, burned either in a stove with a chimney or by a stove with no chimney.

A smoke sauna is the origin of sauna in Finland, in this sauna in Finland you would be offered a bunch of birch branches which you can gently use to flagellate yourself. This is said to stimulate the circulation of blood, and also it has a very nice fresh aroma.

In the 1950 working class household did not have running water, so before you use the Sauna, a professional washing  women would wash people. these day it is no longer needed cos there is running water every where.

What does Sauna do for the body

  1. It helps to increase blood flow, and it can reduce tension in the joint
  2. Sauna also help those with chronic pain and arthritis, it helps to feel invigorated.
  3. It can also improve musical recovery after exercise
  4. Sauna reduces stress
  5. Lower blood pressure
  6. Reduces the risk of dementia/ Alzheimer, it promotes blood flow to the skin surface
  7. It helps your hair to grow faster


  1. Avoid alcohol before and after use of Sauna
  2. Drink plenty of water before and after sessions
  3. Go for 15-20 minutes session at a time to reduce dehydration
  4. Bring a towel to sit on , it is more hygienic because the benches can quickly feel hot.
  5. It is considered polite to shower before going to the Sauna
  6. Don’t bring your phone into the Sauna, cos the phone is not design to operate in high humidity, this can kill your phone.
  7. It is good to bring a bathrobe
  8. The basic etiquette in the Sauna is to be quite

What kind of outfit you should wear to the sauna, loos fitting cloth or short, these are excellent choice that will adsorb excess heat and let your skin breathe freely

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I thought it was a betrayer of the Queen and the royal palace. Prince Harry grandson of the Queen and his wife Megan trashing the monarchy, thereby rubbishing the institution that the Queen represent.

It has to do with contemporary culture of narcissism  and obsession with self.

It is trendy in today society to be the victim, the one who is hurt and have the wound display in public, while the Queen is the opposite of this culture.

She does not express her emotion in public, she does not think constantly about herself, she has sacrificed her whole life to duty and constitutional role.

 We see here a clash between the modern culture and the culture of duty and loyalty.

  • The royal family welcomed Megan and gave her an extravagant wedding.
  • She did not make any effort to fit into the institution that has existed for century, she wanted the institution to adapt to her and her needs.
    I don’t believe her when she said she did not know what she was marrying into, THAT IS WHY THERE IS GOOGLE, it is for free she would have used it.

  • In the two-hour interview they never said anything they would have done differently it was all the fault of the institution.
  •  When Megan came into the British royal family she was loved by the citizen they only change toward her when she started becoming too political outspoken, she started giving lectures about the environment, while jetting around in a private jet. That was when the media came after her.

Harry is  upset that he had to pay for his own security, when royal duties ends the privilege’s ends too. That is how the institution work, since he decided to step down from his duties, he should protect and provide for his family with dignity and keep the media out of it. His issue with his royal family should be resolve privately.

Let’s come to think of it Megan who lives in multimillion dollar mansion, and she talks about how much of a victim she is, while a lot of people in the World has lost their homes and jobs, they are having difficulty in meeting up with their basis needs due to the lockdown.

This is my taught as a member of the Royal family of Esan Kindgdom.

Outfit: African Traditional head tie
Black Lace dress & veil


  Jacuzzi is the ultimate way to chill with friends and get wet in the process.

 Here are some of the benefit of hydro therapy.

 1)It  promotes relaxation, pain relief, it improves your sleeping habit, as the heat and the massage helps  to clear your mind.

2) It reduces stress, sooth over worked muscles, the  heat also improve blood circulation.

 3) Hydro massage has many pain relieving benefit it reduces pain levels in those with arthritis by opening the blood muscles tension.

4) Lower blood pressure, relaxing in a hot tub can be beneficial for a heart disease patient.

 5) The spa become a private and safe place where people can relax and enjoy meaningful conversation with loved ones.

6) It makes you to be outside taking a pause, appreciating the beautiful sunset, changing of the leaves during autumn and the falling snow.

 The  hot tub makes you to have a private retreat.

 In this pandemic a lot of us had to adapt to a new lifestyle. I am somebody who loves to go out to the restaurant or café in the weekend but with this lockdown I had to adept  a new way of life.

 Luckily for me, I bought a house with a garden just before the pandemic putting a jacuzzi in the garden was a great idea, it felt different from going to a public spa.

In conclusion, we cannot underestimate the health benefit of owning a jacuzzi, so if is something you’re considering buying hesitate no more just get it.

To be a fashionista is not only to wear beautiful cloth, it is the wellness of the body and mind.

After all we only live once so lets take good care of our body and mind.


America’s billionaire’s fortune has skyrocket over the past six months during the coronavirus pandemic.

The pandemic got us to the worst unemployment crisis since the great depression, but the billionaires net worth has increased with 29%. They were not affected by the pandemic.

Amazon stocks went up more than 60% this year.

CEO Jeff Bezos personal wealth increased by 55.2 billion dollar with a total net worth of 200 billion dollars, he is the World wealthiest person.

Alice, Jim, and Rob Walton the founder family of Walmart also grew by more than 60 billion dollars.
Google founder Larry Page asset grew by more than 18 billion dollars.
Telsa CEO Elon Musk fortune increased by 70 billion dollars during this pandemic making him the third richest person on the planet. Six months into the pandemic we see how uneven the economic burden has been on the poor and the middle class while the Mega rich are thriving.
The way is going now a few people are going to have extreme amount of power to shape the economy, politics, and media.
The question is do we want to have a society where the main street no longer has shops, Cos if something is not done there is going to be only Amazon loading depot.

Welcome to our world where some getting richer from the pandemic while some getting poorer.



The Coronavirus that started early this year, lead to a total lockdown. This has turned the world upside down. Suddenly all the things we normally do for fun is no longer allowed we all had to stay at home, work from home only the essential shops were allowed to open like the grocery and pharmacy.

Now that the lockdown is over life is still not back to how we use to know it . The question is how do we make staying at home more fun. Everybody started getting creative a lot of people who had gardens made it look more beautiful, cos they would be spending more time in their garden. Buying a house with a garden became essential criteria.
To make the garden more fun, a lot of families bought the inflatable swimming pool so that friends and families would swim at home cos the public swimming pool are close, installing a real swimming pool in the cold region is not necessary for some people cos of limitation of usage during the winter. That is why a lot of people opted for the inflatable swimming pool so that in the winter they would just deflate it and put it inside. I also decided to join the bandwagon of buying the inflatable swimming pool. I would say it was fun to have it and use it, as I really cannot swim just sitting in the water in the open air was fun and refreshing during the extra hot days. At the end I find it an interesting choice.

2) I also worked in my garden to make it look beautiful and I incorporated a resort vibe to it, so that I would not miss going out or traveling haha staycation idea was put to use.

3) Renovating and redecoration my house became one of my top priorities, Sitting in my terrace at home became something I do regularly I have breakfast, lunch and dinner outside on the terrace.

I am also paying more attention to eating healthy during this coronavirus period.
I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables cos this help to improve the immune system.

2020 has not turned out the way we expected but we are happy to be alive.

Model: Rita Roland & Katrien De Keukelaere
Location: Rita Rolands garden
Photography: Ludwig Raes

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Who are you? And what you do is important to be represented and share with the World properly. The portrait picture help to achieve this, taking a portrait picture of yourself is good, but should be done by a professional portrait photographer,
I would like to throw some light on how you have to pose for your portrait shoot, this type of shoot is different from the regular fashion shoot were the main focus is on the cloth/ outfit. The portrait shoot is all about the face.
When you are having your portrait shoot taking you can either look directly into the camera or you can look off the camera either way the goal is to intrigue feeling and bring out different types of emotions in you.
A good portrait should show some elements of your personality. Somebody should be able to look at your portrait and say something about you.

Styling and choosing the correct outfit for your portrait shoot and doing the right make up will help you achieve a better result. It is a most to dress correctly for your portrait shoot. This is because the right outfit, expression, and pose is very necessary for your profile picture.

These type of portrait are not just headshot but it goes further to tell a story, so the right location, right attitude, and a professional photographer makes all the differences.

Model: Rita Roland
Makeup & Styling : Rita Roland


The 2019-2020 Coronavirus is an ongoing pandemic. The outbreak was first identified in the city of Wuhan, Hubei in China. It was recognized as a pandemic by W.H.O. On march 11, 2020, more than 246,000 cases of COVID-19 has been reported in at least 180 countries, resulting in 10,000 death and 88,000 recorded on March 19.
Belgium declared a lockdown on  March 18 ,whereby only the essential shop like supermarket and pharmacy were allowed to open all other shops were asked to close.
Worker where ask to work from home and the ones who would not work from home where giving technical unemployment. Business owner where giving 4,000 euro as compensation in the first month after that they got 160,00 euros per day.
The citizen where ask to stay one meter from each other when doing grocery shopping. Everybody where ask to stay home no visitor where allowed all events were cancelled.
Symtom of COVID-19
Short breath
Throat pain
Running stomach
Muscle pain.

There is not yet a vaccine against the Covid 19, as a vaccine takes more than one year to be ready.
Chloroquine was used to treat the Covid 19, but it is not a real medication for it but it does help as Chloroquine is a drug for malaria.
The Covid 19 is going to have a huge economic crisis on different countries.

We are definitely going to survive these pandemic but how do we plan to solve the damage it will cause on our economy.


Royal Oud is my go to perfume, it has sandalwood, leather, marble and gold notes. The inspiration behind the Royal Oud is the element of a Persian Palace.
The Creed perfume house is a Paris based exclusive fragrance company. This perfume is a unisex perfume.
Creed perfume is made in the old school way a lot of creeds customer are loyal to the brand cos they get what they pay for. It is a very expensive perfume but it is worth the price tag. They are one of the World private held luxury fragrance company. It was founded in 1760 and has been passed on from father to son.
Creed has been serving royals for more than 251 years.
Olivier Creed is the sixth in the family line to head the company.
The most popular Creed fragrance is Aventus and Love in White.
Creed is one of the perfume brand that still make perfume by hand.
They release a new fragrance in every five years. It is popular among royals and celebrities. It is not sold in standard perfume shops. This fragrance is different and unique so it intoxicates the wearer and those who encounter her.

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As an African woman I love to play with my hair styles, so I wear wigs, extensions, braids and my natural hair. Playing with wigs or extensions is something I love to do to create different looks but at the end of the day my natural look is still my favorite cos it is my authentic self. I keep my hair in it natural state cos I love the traditional African look.
During the slavery time the African were not allowed to be proud of their hair or skin tone, cos the slaves with ligh skin and curly hair were allowed to be house slaves while the dark and kinky hair slaves were relegated to work in the fields.
The Europeans standard of beauty appreciate long straight or curly hair.
Despite the standard of beauty we should love to embrace our differences and celebrate each other.
I love my black kinky hair and I will rock it no matter what the standard of beauty says, and I will change to weaves or wigs  any time I like cos I give myself the permission to embrace any type of hair style at any time.

Styling : Rita Roland
Photography: Jee Kaa