The contrast between black and gold for a dark skin is very fascinating. Gold brings a glamorous feel ,an it also bring out the natural beauty of very black woman’ s eye that is why we decided to create this look.
Dark skin ladies always have the problem of which eye shadow complements their skin because the selection is sadly limited, you always have to add a million coats before it even show up on your skin.
Gold & black are  colors of eye shadow which goes very well with the chocolate skin.
A way to know which eye shadow is good for your skin tone is to try it first on your hands, if the shade melts right into your skin then it is right for you, if it makes your skin look dry then it is not for you.
The color gold adds brightness to the eye and it blends really well on dark skin.
If you are a chocolate girl please don’t hesitate to try this.

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Model: Germaine Mwamini
Make up artist: Rita Roland
Photography: Jee Kaa





Green is the color which is mostly associated with summer and spring time, for the army theme shoot we decided to go for a smokey green eye shadow make up. This complemented the models very well and the shoot was a success because all the models would get into character.
Ways to create this look
• After using primer on the eyelid, I applied light brown eye shadow as my base coat.
• I used a dark brown color into the crease to define the crease.
• I used a green color eye shadow on the eyelid and a little of it also under the      eye in combination with black eyeliner, I then blend it to create the smokey eye effect.
• Apply a little gold on the brow bone and on the inner tear duct area to open the eyes and bring in some light.
• I applied black eyeliner to create a dramatic wings eye.

To pull the look together, I used a red lipstick because red complement green.

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Model: Laura Del Mazo Perez
Make up artist : Rita Roland
Photography: Joel Van Donnick


Milk is very good for the skin, it’s soothing irritated skin. Using milk in the face has the following benefits

  • It’s calm sensitive skin
  • It smooths sunburn
  • Healing cracked heels
  • Hair regrowth
  • Moisturizing dry skin
  • Repair aged skin

When you add milk in warm water in a bathtub it helps to nourish your skin, and also it rejuvenates your body, mind and soul. It is an amazing beauty supplement, because itnourishes the deeper layer of the skin and offer conditioning for the skin.
Milk cleans the skin in the sense that it cleans the pores of the excessive oil.
It is also an anti tan agent, because it serves as an anti tan face mask.
We can also use milk as an anti acne agent because milk, remove excess oil and keep check of dryness this helpsnaturally to keep acne under control. It can also be an anti ageing agent because it reduces the appearances of sunspot peeled skin and wrinkles.
Above all milk helps to add radiance to your skin by fighting dark spot acne.
Since we know now the importance of milk in a bath for our skin
For this For this fill your bath tub with 1-2 litre raw milk; comeconfetti or flower for colour and a few drops of lemon juice.
To achieve a perfect skin an essential skin care routine is vital
Keep your skin flawless and glowing

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Model: Camille Piron
Photography: Joel Van Donick
Make Up artist: Rita Roland
Stylist: Rita Roland


Kopie van JoelVD-1329


The major challenge for the Asian makeup is the eye, this is because their eye is usually small and no well defined crease so as a makeup artist you have to make the eye appear bigger by using eyeliner, false lashes and mascara.
The eyeliner helps makes the eye appear bigger and the mascara makes the eye to pop.
One of the go to make up look for Asian is the everyday natural look, this is soft, pretty and simple
The smoky eye is also an alternative look : for the Asian it is less about adding dimension to the outer crease because there is no crease it is more about creating an even effect from the lash line towards the brow.

Six ideas for Asian make up

  • Apply colour to the eyelid and add a black eyeliner in the corner of the crease and brown eyeshadow on the browbone, blend for a natural look.
  • You can play with colour by using different coloured eyeliner on top and bottom.
  • Line your eye with black eyeliner and double it with a colored eye liner.
  • Apply Gold eyeshadow and black on the outer corner of the crease.
  • Add blue shadow underneath the eye.
  • Add bright white Eyeliner along the bottom of  the waterline to make the eye appear bigger.

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Model: Camille Piron
Photography: Joel Van Donick
Make Up artist: Rita Roland
Stylist: Rita Roland



Make up had it golden age in the 50s.

Unknown models became face of make up brands. Skin improvement cosmetic began to sell fast. During the Pin up era the compact foundation was born.

In the 1950s the make up was simple but glamorous, liquid foundation which was closed to the natural skin was used.

Eye shadow was subtle, the wing effect became popular. Rouge was applied under the apple of the cheeks.

Television stepped from black & white to colored. Instead of the 1950s woman to choose color of eye shadow that complimented her skin or hair she would choose color of eye shadow that matches her clothing, putting on make up was not just to attract the husband but keep her as his eyes candy.

The ideal face was oval so you had to contour your face. Using lighter and darker power to give the illusion of an oval face. Well defined eyebrow was the icon look of the 1950s.

When we talk about 1950s make up style we think about Grace- Kelly, Audrey Hepburn etc.

The 1950s was the age of glamour

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Model: Rita Roland
Make up: Rita Roland
Stylist: Rita Roland
Photography: Christophe Walvare



History has it that Cleopatra was the most beautiful woman to have ever walked the earth. Cleopatra was a beautiful, charistmatic Queen of Egypt .

Mistress of Julius Caesar and later of Mark Antony.

She killed herself to avoid been captured by Octavian (69-30 BC)

The Cleopatra look is regarded as one of the most empowing and sensual look.

The Ancient Egytian make up is one of the most influential make up look.

This is because it was during that Era that skin care and make up layed it foundation as beauty product.

The Ancient Egyptian believed that make up was beneficial for their religious, medical and cosmestic believe.

The eyes was always protected with the used of kohl which was derived from lead sulfide but this was later discoverded to be poisonous.

The Egyptian eye make up had eyeliner winged tail, they were dramatic elongted towards the temple along with the eyebrow.


  1. Wash your face clean, put on a moisturing cream and a primer.
  2. Conceal to hide dark circle under your eye and apply foundation.
  3. Apply eye shadow primer, use dark colour eye shadow and gold colour eye shadow.
  4. Apply black eyeliner or white eyeliner and make it dramatic.
  5. Draw your eyebrow starting from the inner corner and keep it till the outer corner and connect it with the eyeliner winged tail.
  6. Highligh your checkbone by using blush red, brow, pink etc.
  7. Put on a red, beige, peach lipstick.

Finish the look with Hair and neck accessories or body painting.


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Model: Rita Roland
Stylist: Rita Roland
Make up artist : Rita Roland
Photography: Christophe Walrave photography


We live in a world of fantasy !!!

So keep your reality away from us.

Make up is a world of fantasy.

It is about experimenting with different looks.

Fantasy make up is a look design to help creat an experience by transforming the wearer into anything you desire.

While basic make up on the other hand is used to enhance your look.

Wearing fantasy make up is fun and playfull.

It is  a dream for a make up artist because this help us to bring out our creative sides.

The sky is the limit when doing a fantasy make up.

Dont forget to get inspired by this looks.

We want to also say a big thank you to our teacher Mrs Debby DeCock for giving us this lecture.


Location : Syntra Aalst.
Photography: Mrs Debby DeCock
Materials used: Water based make up, Lipstick, Eye Liner, Eye shadow, Glitters, Glitter stones, False lashes e.t.c