We live in a world of fantasy !!!

So keep your reality away from us.

Make up is a world of fantasy.

It is about experimenting with different looks.

Fantasy make up is a look design to help creat an experience by transforming the wearer into anything you desire.

While basic make up on the other hand is used to enhance your look.

Wearing fantasy make up is fun and playfull.

It is  a dream for a make up artist because this help us to bring out our creative sides.

The sky is the limit when doing a fantasy make up.

Dont forget to get inspired by this looks.

We want to also say a big thank you to our teacher Mrs Debby DeCock for giving us this lecture.


Location : Syntra Aalst.
Photography: Mrs Debby DeCock
Materials used: Water based make up, Lipstick, Eye Liner, Eye shadow, Glitters, Glitter stones, False lashes e.t.c





Hard work spotlights the character of people: some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, some don’t turn up at all “Sam Ewing”

The depression of the 30s did not affect everyone the same way. Many rich people felt no impact at all, and were blind for the suffering of others.

The 30s were the beginning of the ready to wear fashion age. During the 1930s great depression companies started researching and implementing cheaper means of clothing manufacturing.

Clothing style were less extravagant, but the shapes of these dresses were designed to show off a woman most feminine features- most of the dresses were either slightly gathered or pleated.

The ideal 30s woman was tall and slender with a very small waist and narrow hips. Since most women were not blessed with slim hips and a small waist, shoulders were exaggerated with puff sleeves.

Ready to wear became popular because clothing could be mass produced .During this era the zipper became a standard in the finishing of garments because they cost less than buttons.

A woman would not wear her house dress out of the house, to shop, run errands. she would need a smart afternoon or day dress.

Characteristic of fashion in the 30s

  • shoulder pads were frequently used to broaden and square the shoulder of dresses
  • For women in business a well tailored suit was a must
  • Silky dresses became more popular
  • Empire waisted lines which were tied in the back were popular
  • Women usually wore gloves outside the house. The gloves would be worn to match their shoes and handbags
  • Makeup such as rouge and lipstick was frequently used to brighten pale faces
  • Women tended to keep their hair fairly short
  • Artificial eyelashes were popular
  • Wool, silk and cotton were the most popular fabrics for women’s’ fashion

Being on a tight budget was no excuse for sloppy fashion. It was considered a woman’s duty to shop smart.

Women who could feed and dress her family on a dime were praised. They were considered a good steward of the husbands money.

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Photography  www.fotografik.be
Location: Hotel Leberger Brussel
For similar outfit check http://www.okycoky.com
Wardrobe: Rita Roland.


Rita_180815_Leberger1067_bw - kopie

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