We can distinguish basically two types of investment.

  • The plain purchase of real estate in order to rent them out and resell them with benefit after a period of at least 5 years this low or no risk investment will generate an immediate return ( the rent ) and a non taxable benefit which for the last decade averaged 5% per year.
  • Investing in real estate developing projects; this is simply buying a parcel of land and building appartment’s on it with the goal of selling them

The Bank requires at least 30% of the investment capital in order to finance such a project.

As a foreign investor , what is done in such a ‘case’ is to create a company.

The bank will then give a loan to the company if the company has 30% of the investment capital

Before construction starts, the appartments are sold on plan . Selling starts even before the appartments are build this reduces the loan.

It takes a maximum of 1 to 2 years to complete such a project , depending on the size of the project.

On an ongoing basis we have the opportunity of doing this type of projects For the time being , we are involved in projects totaling approximately 50 apartment’s with an average selling price of two hundred en eighty thousand euros.

As we have in our group under one roof the whole structure required to run such a type of project, we are in a position to offer the customer kind like projects’ to make him benefit from our structure and know how.

Every project has its own specifications and particularities.

Feel free to ask more information If you are interested in such projects.

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Rita Roland