My team of experts consist of 3 people with a vision for perfection and professionalism.
Our goal is to meet our client needs at all time.
It is a team where innovation and creativity is the ultimate guide.

Please meet
Miss Rita Roland: Model


Being a Nigerian born Belgian living in Belgium for the past 12 years, I’m a well-known International model and a fashion blogger. My blog is all about extravagant fashion that stands out, leaving space for creative ideas and DIY (Do it yourself) tips. It is all about you walking into a room and captivating everyone’s stare and exclamations of « Whoa who is that girl! ».
My blog can be consulted at
I am a woman whose passion for fashion knows no limits, a passion that has turned me into a fearless and unapologetic lover of fashion.
It is difficult to find such women these days because of the stereotypes imposed by today’s society; when a woman love fashion and dresses feminine she is not taken seriously or considered as « air head ».
As a woman I feel you don’t have to dress in over sized men’s suit to be taken seriously, this is why my blog celebrates the art of being feminine and serves as an inspiration for women to dress sexy and feel gorgeous without fear.
To be feminine is not to work against men, but to work in partnership with them.

If you want to grace your wall you can buy some of this pictures as frame @
The blogbook  will soon be on amazon
So dont forget to grab your copy.
This pictures are copyright of Miss Rita Roland.
All rights are reserved.

Photography: Mr Kristof Van Den Bossche

Is a talented International photographer who captures most of the images for this blog.
Working with him is always a pleasure because he is able to capture my mood,emotion, depth and soul.
He is a photographer who is always ready to work no matter the weather conditions.
I wanted to be photographed  in special location because the atmosphere also help to tell the story.
Mr Kristof Van Den Bossche understood this very well and made it happened.
He took some of this photograph in different locations in Belgium but we plan in the near future to shoot in other countries.
Some of this pictures you can find back in his website
Coach: Mr Paul Bellemans


Is an International coach with multicultural roots. We call him the Magician because he drives us beyond our bounderies. His strength is strategy, mindset and ultimately coaching and result. He makes a team a real team by making us laugh and also taking the time to be serious enough to get the business running.
He never decline in his task of looking for sponsporship and partnership with brands.
Together no aim is high enough.
Now please join us in this adventure of infinite possibilities.


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