Is a historic building complex in Vienna, Austria, consisting of two Baroque Palaces. ( the upper and lower Belvedere)

Upper Belvedere

At the heart of the collections at the Belvedere are the works of Gustav Klimt with his golden paintings “The Kiss” and “Judith”. The masterpieces by Schiele and Kokoschka as well as works of French Impressionists and highlights of the Vienna Biedermeier era compete the collection

Lower Belvedere

The feudal splendor of the palace’s aristocratic owner is reflected in the Hall of Grotesques, the Marble Gallery, and the Golden Room. Intriguing special exhibitions are staged in the Lower Belvedere and the Orangery.

The Belvedere was build during a period of extensive construction in Vienna, which at that time   was both the imperial capital and home to the ruling Habsburg dynasty.



Margaret Island Budapest (Citadel)


The island is named after princess st Margaret of Arpad House who spent her short sacred life of atonement here in the 13th century she fulfilled her fathers vow who so thanked providence that the destructieve Mongolian herds had left the country.
Do not look for mementoets of medieval times on the pest side, though pest is almost as old as Buda.
To the right is pest and to the left is Buda.


Chain bridge (Budapest)


The bridge utilizes huge hanging iron chains that were a unique technical solution at the time. The bridge was inaugurated in 1849 in the 19th century which brought exeptional growth to the city . it served people crossing the river until World War II when it was destroyed when the retreating German troops blew it up Following its reconstruction in 1949 it was restored to its original grandeur that we can admire today

Elisabeth Bridge (Budapest)


The edifice on the top of the hill is the Citadel. This fortress was erected on the order of the habsburg kings to keep an eye on the Hungarians rebelled aginst their might from time to time.There is als a status which depicts the Liberty Status .
The historical irony is that in 1947 the status was erected for the glory of the Soviet army freeing the country from fascist domination


Parliament  (Budapest)


The grandiose palace of the parliament only seems to be medieval. Its historic style reflects the 1000-year history of the country from state founding to the year of the Millennium ( 1896 ) when the buiding was opened.Hungarians refer to the Parliament as the house of the Motherland, so we can understand its symbolic importance.


Matthias church (Budapest)

Matthias church was rebuilt in the year of the Millennium to honour the 1896 anniversary of the Hungarian conquest.The church is founded in the 13th century. Matthias Hunyadi, Hungary’s legendary king who held his wedding to Beatrice the Aragon, Princess of Napels, here. Matthias has always been the favorite king of the Hungarians


Great Synagogue (Budapest)

Is located on Dohàny street, is the largest synagogue in Europe. The number of seats exceeds 3000. It was built in the middel of the 19th century in a style showing Romantic and Moorish-Byzantien elements on the place where Theodore Herzl who first imagined the independent Jewish state, was born Contary to the Basilica, it was built within 4 years. Its size and decorative interior reflect the role of the Jewish stratum represented in the Hungarian economic and cultural life in the 19th century.




Be eccentric now, don’t wait for old age to wear purple.

The colour purple is associated with luxury, elegance, royalty.

A purple dress will give you a classic look and help you stand out in the crowd .

Purple comes in different shades and every woman can find a hue that enhances her skin tone.

Many women are intimidated by a purple outfit because they often wonder how to wear it, what shoes or accessories to wear with it.

Personally I wear purple with colours of the same family like lavender, lila………. I go for the analogic mix

You can also choose contrasting colours.

For the contrasting colours use colours that are opposite to purple like Yellow.

You can also be more daring by going for colourfull accessories such as red, pink, salmone,blue, fuchsia.

This is currently a very fashionable style, called Colour Blocking.

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People don’t have to check with someone else before they do the thing that makes them happy.

Check outfit are a wardrobe stable and it is particularly popular this season.

The Do’s and Don’t of wearing check outfit

  • Do wear check head to toe you can totally rock this look by keeping the accessories simple.
  • You can make a check statement with one flamboyant piece like a bold blazer.
  • Don’t think check just means 1950s gingham it is all about the print. Stick to rich tone and bold patterns.
  • If you are not feeling the All check look you can just accessorize by adding a tartan scarf or geo print bag to your look.
  • Do try different trouser styles especially fitted trousers when worn with fitted tops are great.


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There are many good things to be found under a shabby straw hat.

The straw hat is a must have accessory for the summer, besides being a perfect way for adding a hip and trendy touch to your outfit, it can also be used to give your dressing casual or more romantic look.

Straw hats have always dominated the street style during summer.

Whether you wear the straw hat for sun protection, or as a hair accessory the straw hat will always elevate your outfit.

In the 19th century wealth folks were seen wearing the straw hat on their stroll through the country side.

There is no point styling your hair when you are wearing this accessory just leave your hair down and let the hat work its magic.

Straw hats are important if you want to draw the attention to your face and they accentuate your head which is the seat of all your rational thinking.

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I am just trying to change the world one sequin at a time.

Sequined fabric bring out your silhouette, your sexiness and the glamour in you.

So when there is no glitter there is no glamour.

Sequin connotes with a fancy occasion, they are typically reserves for new years Eve.

After all it is holiday that deserve a sparkle!! DO You AGREE

I feel sequin does not get the year round love it deserves.

Ways of wearing sequin on a more regular basis

  • Sequin can be a real show stopper. For a night out this is totally appropriate !! during the day you have to keep the accessories simple, now the key to success is to make your sequin your only standing out piece.
  • Pairing denim with your sequins will give you a laid back though glamorous look
  • A simple way to transform your sequins into a daytime look is by pairing them with lighter colours or neutrals.

What shoes matches sequined outfit

  • Chose shoes that have the same colour or hue with your sequins outfit. Silver sequined outfit with silver shoes, Gold with Gold.
  • For coloured sequins outfit wear shoes with lighter tone
  • Wear shoes that are either shinning in silk or satin, texture is the key to balance your sequin look.
  • If you dont want to wear the same colour, black pumps always work even for sequin outfit with colours.

Sequins during the day are unexpected so you might get some perplexed looks but that does not mean you should shy from them .Be self conscious when u wear them and enjoy the attention.


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Floral print are a classic pattern in the history and world of fashion?

It is one of those print that will never go out of fashion, regardless the year or season.

Choosing a print

With so many type of prints to chose from it is important to chose a pattern that works with your style and personality.

Floral design can range from danty, big and bold. Each carrying its own personality and character. If you go for simple and sophisticated look for prints that are small. A finer print is a way to bring in a feminine touch.

IF you enjoy standing out of the crowd a print featuring larger print will make u achieve your goal

Choosing shoes for your floral outfit

Floral print look good with vibrant colours like red, pink, blue etc.

It is practically impossible for a floral print not to look good with a solid neutral shade. These colours include black, white, grey, taupe ivory and beige.

Whichever colour you choose using high heel is a great way of wearing floral with sophistication

Even if you don’t plan ahead a floral outfit is an easy way to add instantly style in your wardrobe
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Don’t try to be other people’s mirror reflecting their flaws. Rather clean your own mirror so that you can see a reflection of your true self and dare to be who you are!!

In the 30s women wore dresses it didn’t matter if they were at work or at home. It was important to wear a dress to show their feminity.

It was a return to more gentle ladylike appearances. Budding rounded busts and waistline curves were seen and hair became softer and prettier as hair perms improved. Be Proud to be a woman and show it.

Cloths were feminine, fashion of the 1930s was directly influenced by the wall street crash of October 24 1929 and the subsequent depression .

The focus turned away from new clothing and remaking the clothes one already owned, became very fashionable and gave a boost to fashion design.

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Get excited and enthusiastic about your own dream. This excitement is like a forest fire you can smell it, taste it and see it from a mile away “Denis Waitley”

The combination of black and red finds its origin in the 80’s People continued to love the style up till today because the combination of this opposite colours is nothing other than the promise of happiness.

The best length for a black and red dress is at the knee or shorter. It shows more of your legs and makes you look taller and leaner.

Women’s clothing in 1980 ran from conservative to extravagant fantasy. Many designers reached back in history for inspiration. They looked to the Middel Ages, the Renaissance and the Victorian era . A few avant garde designers took their cues from futurism and designed clothes that look like costumes.

Traveling back in time to re live a retro 80s style would be an ultimate experience because the fashion was about looking sexy, seductive, by accentuating all your best assets.

The 1980s fashion trends can be difficult to work into a modern wardrobe especially since they can have a costume like appearance.

However as you see, the 80s fashion can be worn in a modern way and still look stylish

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Personal  style is about getting to know yourself, it is about being connected with the very essence of who you are and be confident about it.

Who exactly are you and what does it has to do with fashion?
Imagine a world where we all have to wear the same cloths , a place where everyone has the same style, that wouldn’t be exactly a colorful and stimulating enviroment

Dare to be yourself and wear the cloths that express the unique and fabulous person you are

How to find the confidence in yourself and your style

  • Understand your body, first thing is to know what kind of body you have and what works for you. If you know your body shape and your strength and weakness you can buy the right cloth to either accentuate or camouflage them.
  • Understand your personality and colour.
  •  Colour can also have a huge effect on your style and how you feel
  • Make sure that every item you buy fits you
  • Make your style extra special with the right accessories.
  •  Invest in a good pair of accessories that fit your style
  • Once you have covered the basis of your style, look for some wonderful statement piece that are truly unique for you.
  • Try to be creative mix both high and low end brands together, to create a unique look

A good style reflects your attitude and your personality

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