To stripe a surface serves to distinguish it, to point it out, to oppose it, associate it with another surface, to classify it, to keep an eye on it and to make a bold statement

The color black and white has a magical attractive force in the most elegant way because black atoms carry a negative charge while the white atom carry’s a positive charge.

So black and white graphic plays an intriguing game with the powerful attracting force of the opposite to achieve a maximum effect with minimum means. This means when styling this type of outfit you have to minimalism the accessory. Black and white are sexy, edgy and chic. It is used by some company as dress code for formal events. If you are that kind of woman who blight color does not appeal to black and white is a color to go for. In general this  monochrome way of dressing give you a bright, modern and contemporary.

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Is a historic building complex in Vienna, Austria, consisting of two Baroque Palaces. ( the upper and lower Belvedere)

Upper Belvedere

At the heart of the collections at the Belvedere are the works of Gustav Klimt with his golden paintings “The Kiss” and “Judith”. The masterpieces by Schiele and Kokoschka as well as works of French Impressionists and highlights of the Vienna Biedermeier era compete the collection

Lower Belvedere

The feudal splendor of the palace’s aristocratic owner is reflected in the Hall of Grotesques, the Marble Gallery, and the Golden Room. Intriguing special exhibitions are staged in the Lower Belvedere and the Orangery.

The Belvedere was build during a period of extensive construction in Vienna, which at that time   was both the imperial capital and home to the ruling Habsburg dynasty.



Women who wear black live a colourful and lovely life

A cocktail dress is the go to garment for a variety of social events, from work parties to wedding receptions.

Women need cocktail dresses for formal and semi formal event.

When aiming for a versatile cocktail dress this are some of the things you have to bear in mind.

  • Pay attention to the dress length, since cocktail dresses varies in length from a few inches above the knee, to few inches above the ankle. Petite women can achieve the illusion of height by wearing the shorter dresses. Taller women have more flexibility in dress length. However very tall slim woman should go for a balanced look by not wearing dresses that are too short.
  • An empire waistline which starts under the bust as opposed to the natural waist also creates an impression of height.
  • Accessorize a cocktail dress with care when going for an evening event. Keep the accessories simple, and the makeup low key, this will give you a more sophisticated look. Remember less is more
  • Choose the dress that emphasizes your best features. Many people concentrate on hiding the things they are not confident about, this usually reflects their insecurity, instead highlight your best features .
  • When choosing a cocktail dress pay attention to what it highlights .Dresses that ends a few inches from the knee showcase shapely legs, while a low neckline draws attention to your bust. Make your dress show off your best features.
  • Dress it up or dress it down, cocktail dresses are not just for evening parties, they can be dress up for receptions and other formal evening events, or dress down by pairing them with other garments that are more casual like cardigans, blazers or tunics .

One accessory to avoid with evening wear is a large handbag use a smaller bag or a clutch

A flattering cocktail dress make you to relax and allow your personality to shine at any party or social event.

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Grey is often associated with a lifeless compromise between black and white. WRONG !

Grey has the content of black as well as white and is therefore a very valuable starting point.

Use grey as a base to wear otherwise too flashy colours or accessories and be amazed by the exciting effect.

The colour grey is one that provides a softer alternative to black and is incredibly versatile colour that you can wear in many different ways

What goes with Grey

Bold and Beautiful

Treat grey as a neutral canvas for a bold swipe of colour. Multicolored shoes or bags go very well with grey.

A bright prink bag and belt with a grey dress makes a strong statement.

Pretty Pastels

Mint green, baby pink, eggshell white, any pastel gives grey a playful touch.


Metallic touch can add glamour just as well as ultra bright colours. A copper bag for example adds a warm contrast to a grey dress.

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Get excited and enthusiastic about your own dream. This excitement is like a forest fire you can smell it, taste it and see it from a mile away “Denis Waitley”

The combination of black and red finds its origin in the 80’s People continued to love the style up till today because the combination of this opposite colours is nothing other than the promise of happiness.

The best length for a black and red dress is at the knee or shorter. It shows more of your legs and makes you look taller and leaner.

Women’s clothing in 1980 ran from conservative to extravagant fantasy. Many designers reached back in history for inspiration. They looked to the Middel Ages, the Renaissance and the Victorian era . A few avant garde designers took their cues from futurism and designed clothes that look like costumes.

Traveling back in time to re live a retro 80s style would be an ultimate experience because the fashion was about looking sexy, seductive, by accentuating all your best assets.

The 1980s fashion trends can be difficult to work into a modern wardrobe especially since they can have a costume like appearance.

However as you see, the 80s fashion can be worn in a modern way and still look stylish

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Personal  style is about getting to know yourself, it is about being connected with the very essence of who you are and be confident about it.

Who exactly are you and what does it has to do with fashion?
Imagine a world where we all have to wear the same cloths , a place where everyone has the same style, that wouldn’t be exactly a colorful and stimulating enviroment

Dare to be yourself and wear the cloths that express the unique and fabulous person you are

How to find the confidence in yourself and your style

  • Understand your body, first thing is to know what kind of body you have and what works for you. If you know your body shape and your strength and weakness you can buy the right cloth to either accentuate or camouflage them.
  • Understand your personality and colour.
  •  Colour can also have a huge effect on your style and how you feel
  • Make sure that every item you buy fits you
  • Make your style extra special with the right accessories.
  •  Invest in a good pair of accessories that fit your style
  • Once you have covered the basis of your style, look for some wonderful statement piece that are truly unique for you.
  • Try to be creative mix both high and low end brands together, to create a unique look

A good style reflects your attitude and your personality

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Fashion is not something that exist in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening around us.

In fashion  is fabulous I want to show the essence of having a timeless sense of style which means

  •  That you should not only wear latest and hottest look but wear what looks good on you.
  • The way you dress, your choice of colours, body figure and personal accents you bring are shown in your personality
  • It is all about being feminine, getting in touch with your womanly side and being playful.
  • Flirt through the cloths you wear, put an extra touch as red lipstick.
  • Express yourself

Dare to bring out different aspects of your mood, personality and lifestyle in the way you dress.    Despite what the catwalk and fashion magazine says
Even though your style is timeless .You should know how to pick the best detail and cloths from  current trends and make it yours

Wardrobe: Rita Roland