Is a trendy hair accessory in fashion, turban often give the look of a head wrap without you having to tie anything to achieve the look it is most time pre tied.

All turban head wrap are one size, so it fit all. It also comes in various materials and style.

It is also a saving grace on a bad hair day, whether you have long, short or curly hair, the styling possibilities of the head wrap is limitless.

A lot of people wear the turban head wrap as a fashion statement not for cultural or religious purposes.

The turban head wrap is in most cases not accepted in the office only when it is for religious reason but I feel it should be accepted cos l consider it as a fashion accessories and the use should not be limited, it should be used just the way we wear the hat, dramatic fascinator or scarves.

In the 1800 blacks and multiracial women were ordered to wear head wrap so that they would not be temp the white Lord or Master.

They wanted us to keep our hair in head wraps because we were getting too much attention with our creative and fabulous hair styles, but they would not stop us because we started tying the wraps in elaborate ways which gains more attention than the hair.

Our hair is a sense of pride and beauty because we wear it in different ways.

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Photography – Sjaak Verherbrugge



Vienna is the capital of Austria. The town is situated in the east of the country, on the Danuba River.
Vienna has a worldwide reputation of being a craddel for artistic and intelectual expression.
Everywhere in Viena one can find so called palaces which are in fact very nice residence of the rich and wealthy, build in the past centuries.
Most famous is the palace Schönbrunn, just outside the town and since the 16th century the summer residence of the royal Habsburg family.
It is one of the most important architectural, cultural and historical monument in the country.
It was designed by architect Johann Bernhard Fischer Von Erlach and Niculous Pacassi and it is full of outstanding examples of decoratieve art

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Is not just a coffee house but a place where you can buy your vintage and new outfit , it is  a boutique for the fusion of old and new.

Mrs Lilian started  Lilis boutique  in 2016. She is originally from Oostende West Vlaanderen Belgium.

She found the love of her life in Zottegem and came to live here, so we can say that Zottegem is the city of Love, the Verona of Belgium.

We admire her courage as a mother of 5 children she still has the strength to combine taking care of the kids and running her business this is because she is very energetic and ambitious.

She is a woman who love people and also want to serve her community that is why she started this concept of business where there is a coffee shop inside the boutique.

This concept is new in Zottgem it originated from the Netherlands, but it is highly welcome, the reason for this is that when men go shopping with their wive or girlfriend most of the time they find it boring but with a coffee house inside the boutique she used one stone to kill two birds.

Men can drink coffee or sip wine while their lady shops.

The vintage collection help a lot of the women to get their dream outfit.

You know that feeling of having your dream item. This bring a smile to your face.
Let’s not pretend, not everybody can afford a luxury brand but the vintage gives a chance to own one.

Hello fashionista are you feeling me on this, I know u do of course.

It is also a shop for look chic for less, that is shopping without breaking the budget.

Looking fabulous on a dime is that your thing then you are at the right address Heldenlaan 16 Zottegem.

I know some of you dream of vintage Louis Vuitton handbag this is a place you can get it.

Are u a lover of delvaux handbag if yes you are welcome.

Mrs Lilian goal is to put a smile on your face and to see her client happy this has help her grow her business because her client are satisfied, so they keep coming back.

Yes you heard me right.

They keep coming back because of good products and services.

What more can we say

Thanks, Mrs Lilian for establishing Lilis in Zottegem.

Outfit can be found in Lilis Boutique Zottegem Belgium
Photography@ LudwigraesFotoGrafie
Sponsored by Lilis Boutique
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The major challenge for the Asian makeup is the eye, this is because their eye is usually small and no well defined crease so as a makeup artist you have to make the eye appear bigger by using eyeliner, false lashes and mascara.
The eyeliner helps makes the eye appear bigger and the mascara makes the eye to pop.
One of the go to make up look for Asian is the everyday natural look, this is soft, pretty and simple
The smoky eye is also an alternative look : for the Asian it is less about adding dimension to the outer crease because there is no crease it is more about creating an even effect from the lash line towards the brow.

Six ideas for Asian make up

  • Apply colour to the eyelid and add a black eyeliner in the corner of the crease and brown eyeshadow on the browbone, blend for a natural look.
  • You can play with colour by using different coloured eyeliner on top and bottom.
  • Line your eye with black eyeliner and double it with a colored eye liner.
  • Apply Gold eyeshadow and black on the outer corner of the crease.
  • Add blue shadow underneath the eye.
  • Add bright white Eyeliner along the bottom of  the waterline to make the eye appear bigger.

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Model: Camille Piron
Photography: Joel Van Donick
Make Up artist: Rita Roland
Stylist: Rita Roland



.Even in our wised up age we do not want a world bereft of glamour.
Glamour is that fascinating, alluring and  attractive quality which is a combination of charm and good looks. A glamorous woman has a natural attractiveness that is irresistible to men because we don’t only dress for our self but for others. There is a mystique behind being glamorous, there is a certain perception of strength and power. Being a glamorous person provide both men and women with fantasy escape. Glamour is charming,  to be charming is having an appealing sense of friendliness, confidence and a sense of humor.
There is nothing more glamorous than a lady with a fur coat and killer heels on.
The fur coat keep you warm and at the same time when combined with the right outfit give u a glamorous, elegant and seductive look.
Fur coat works for all events so don’t hesitate  to try this look. When accessorizing you fur outfit keep it minimal to archive sleek and modern look. You will definitely make a statement when you enter or leaves the room.

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Location: @ Station Balegem Belgium
For similar outfit:
For fur : Musselystraat 4 Zottegem
Wardrobe: Rita Roland.




Sometimes people are beautiful
Not in looks
Not in what they say
But in who they are.

Red is a very beautiful color that symbolizes passion, love, desire, strength, courage etc.

Everyone can wear RED because it comes in different shades it all depends on your skin tone which shade of red is suitable for you.

It can also depend on your personality. If you are bold and romantic or feeling sexy and looking for love red is the way to go.

When accessorizing your red outfit keep it minimal and make your red dress the center of attention.

For getting a multiple re-wear for your red evening gown the tip is to choose an elegant and stylish piece which can stand the text of time.

Location: Hotel Leberger Brussel
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Wardrobe: Rita Roland.

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I am so fresh in soul and spirit that life gushes and bubbles around me in thousand springs. “Robert Schumann”

The bubbled dress has been with us since the 1950’s no matter how often it goes away it keeps coming back.

The bubble dress is not going anywhere soon so it is time to make peace with its voluminous shape.

The body type that look good in this type of dress are mainly the ballerina.

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Wardrobe: Rita Roland.



Over the knee boots are one major hit this season and they look effortlessly stunning when combined with a micro mini skirt or a floating dress.

I admit it can be challenging to wear them out but that does not mean it is not worth trying. There are different ways of styling the over the knee boot to suit your body type. whether curvy, petite, tall . You can step up your shoe game.

For tall girls: The over the knee boot is easier to style with any outfit because of their long legs. For a perfect look, it is advisable they leave a little breathing room between their boot and their skirt line.

Curvy Girls: They can as well rock this look but they have to go for a pair that hits right above the knee, which will create a long lean leg line. For the curvy girl a miniskirt might feel a little too provocative for day time , they should go for pencil skirt that just hit the boot.

For petites: You can pair your over the knee boot with fitted structured pieces that show your shape. Don’t hide your boot under a long skirt line, cos this will shorten your legs. Leave plenty of space between your boot and your skirt line .

IF you want to bring this look to the office be sure to keep your skirt longer choose a more classic top with a button down shirt or blazer .

Feel like going for a daring look ! then add this sexy vibe to your wardrobe.

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Wardrobe: Rita Roland.

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Personal  style is about getting to know yourself, it is about being connected with the very essence of who you are and be confident about it.

Who exactly are you and what does it has to do with fashion?
Imagine a world where we all have to wear the same cloths , a place where everyone has the same style, that wouldn’t be exactly a colorful and stimulating enviroment

Dare to be yourself and wear the cloths that express the unique and fabulous person you are

How to find the confidence in yourself and your style

  • Understand your body, first thing is to know what kind of body you have and what works for you. If you know your body shape and your strength and weakness you can buy the right cloth to either accentuate or camouflage them.
  • Understand your personality and colour.
  •  Colour can also have a huge effect on your style and how you feel
  • Make sure that every item you buy fits you
  • Make your style extra special with the right accessories.
  •  Invest in a good pair of accessories that fit your style
  • Once you have covered the basis of your style, look for some wonderful statement piece that are truly unique for you.
  • Try to be creative mix both high and low end brands together, to create a unique look

A good style reflects your attitude and your personality

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Wardrobe: Rita Roland

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The little white dress (LWD) is also considered as a wardrobe essential just like the little black dress (LBD)

In western cultures brides often choose to wear a white wedding dress, this was made popular by Queen Victoria who choose to wear a white dress during her wedding which was considered as an unusual choice at a time when colors were more usual.


White symbolizes, purity, cleanliness, innocence
White is glamorous when combined with black
It is angelic when worn  out in the city
Devilishly sexy at the beach
In fashion, the LWD is the most stable piece with lots of allure.

Wardrobe: Rita Roland


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