rita_300916_1016Unless we make Christmas an occasion to share our blessing all the snow in Alaska won’t make it white.

Christmas for me is a time to be with the family. When there is a white Christmas it is always very amazing to look out and see the snow.

I really find this very fascinating because growing up in Nigeria my country of birth. I have never seen snow until I came to Belgium.

I imagine myself wearing this black and white dress and a white fur shawl around my neck to keep warm while hosting my guess for the Christmas celebration.

Black and white has always been one of my favorite colors because of the attracting force of opposite.

For this type of outfit you don’t have to do too much. It just works by keeping the accessories minimal.

For this look I stayed in the same family color to give the outfit a modern elegant touch.

I love this monochrome look that is why I specially choose this outfit among many others as Christmas outfit.

So don’t hesitate to go out there and do your Xmas shoping@Kath-Walk@Zottegem

For this particular shoot I also love the way the photographer played with light to create a warm and mystical feeling.

A special thanks to Mr Kristof Van Den Bossche for taking his time to create this special effect.

Thanks for stopping by.

Wishing you all a merry Xmas in Advance.


Photography:  www.thebluebirdie.com
Location : http://www.salonsmantovani.be
Similar outfit check: Kath-Walk@Zottegem
Jewelry: http://www.juwelierdecock.be
Sunglasses: http://www.optiekjacques.be
Fur Sjall: Musselystraat 4 Zottegem
Wardrobe: Rita Roland
Sponsored by Salons Mantovani
Doorn 1 Oudenaarde



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