The Sauna is a room in which people aim to relax in dry heat, it has a temperature of 70- 100 degree Celsius. Anybody who has  cardiovascular problem or who is pregnant should seek medical advice before using the Sauna. Sauna originated in Finland most of the house in Finland has inbuild Sauna, during Suana session in Finland you sit naked under 100 degree Celsius, you sweat and after the session you go outside to refresh yourself in the freezing water, or you roll in the snow.

It is estimated that there are 2 million saunas for a population of 5.3 million people in Finland.

Traditional Sauna are heated by wood, burned either in a stove with a chimney or by a stove with no chimney.

A smoke sauna is the origin of sauna in Finland, in this sauna in Finland you would be offered a bunch of birch branches which you can gently use to flagellate yourself. This is said to stimulate the circulation of blood, and also it has a very nice fresh aroma.

In the 1950 working class household did not have running water, so before you use the Sauna, a professional washing  women would wash people. these day it is no longer needed cos there is running water every where.

What does Sauna do for the body

  1. It helps to increase blood flow, and it can reduce tension in the joint
  2. Sauna also help those with chronic pain and arthritis, it helps to feel invigorated.
  3. It can also improve musical recovery after exercise
  4. Sauna reduces stress
  5. Lower blood pressure
  6. Reduces the risk of dementia/ Alzheimer, it promotes blood flow to the skin surface
  7. It helps your hair to grow faster


  1. Avoid alcohol before and after use of Sauna
  2. Drink plenty of water before and after sessions
  3. Go for 15-20 minutes session at a time to reduce dehydration
  4. Bring a towel to sit on , it is more hygienic because the benches can quickly feel hot.
  5. It is considered polite to shower before going to the Sauna
  6. Don’t bring your phone into the Sauna, cos the phone is not design to operate in high humidity, this can kill your phone.
  7. It is good to bring a bathrobe
  8. The basic etiquette in the Sauna is to be quite

What kind of outfit you should wear to the sauna, loos fitting cloth or short, these are excellent choice that will adsorb excess heat and let your skin breathe freely

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