The little white dress (LWD) is also considered as a wardrobe essential just like the little black dress (LBD)

In western cultures brides often choose to wear a white wedding dress, this was made popular by Queen Victoria who choose to wear a white dress during her wedding which was considered as an unusual choice at a time when colors were more usual.


White symbolizes, purity, cleanliness, innocence
White is glamorous when combined with black
It is angelic when worn  out in the city
Devilishly sexy at the beach
In fashion, the LWD is the most stable piece with lots of allure.

Photography  www.fotografik.be
Wardrobe: Rita Roland


Rita_110715_1024 Rita_110715_1017Rita_110715_1009

10 thoughts on “WHITE LOVE

  1. Very beautiful, keep up the good work. Hope u wear green soonest becos I love the colour as wel as I love white.


  2. Wow! Fabulous photos for a glamorous and truly unforgettable lady. Your photos have put a definite smile on my face and added sunshine to my day. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy the day. 🙂


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